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  1. I actually found that gentoo upstream ebuilds actually provide LxQt 0.14.1 including pcmanfm-qt and qterminal and stuff. Now, i actually need to find out how to/manage to get them together with my fresh built funtoo 1.3-kit. (Well, at least, having a funtoo within funtoo is sorta fun.. chroot ftw. ;)) P.s.: The linked git repo from shadow53 seems to be down sadly. ?
  2. I'm happy to see that there is at least some base to start from. I actually have a problem with pcmanfm-qt 0.13.0 not remembering that i always want to see all (including hidden) files and just got slapped over there that 0.13.0 is outdated (for today there is 0.14.1 already). So i cannot promise anything at all but will right now go and find out how to get lxtq-base/* and x11-base/pcmanfm-qt up to the newer versions. Thanx for your work! And don't feel bad, we all have some sort of real life. ? Hacky P.s.: Sorry for full-quote, i don't know how to cut it down properly right now.. ?
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