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  1. Ugh, I feel bad about this. I've got school starting in about a week, so I'm forcing myself to switch to a "just works" distro (Solus) so I won't be distracted by tweaking packages and build options to my heart's content, like I have been all summer... I need my little free time for a social life and working on my software projects that I'm planning on monetizing once they're ready. If someone wants to take over updating LXQt, I've got updated ebuilds in my personal overlay that can be used as a base. They have been updated to use the newer upstream URLs, include USE flags for just a
  2. Just tried adding this to my desktop. Got a warning that the branch 5.13-release has been deprecated, followed by Ego encountering a KeyError on the key '5.13-release'.
  3. Just finished doing preliminary updates of LXQt-related ebuilds in my personal overlay. Currently attempting to install them on my desktop. If everything seems to be working, I'll merge the changes into my kit-fixups fork and make a pull request.
  4. I mentioned this on the bug tracker as well: I'm willing to help out, I'm just not sure how to go about starting that. Specifically, I'm not sure what "funtoo-style" testing is and how or whether I would do that. Also, if I have updated ebuilds, would I attach them to their own issues on JIRA, a single issue (e.g. "Updated LXQt ebuilds"), or give a link to a git overlay? I've decided to start working on updating LXQt, since that looks like a more manageable task right now. I'm only going to do manual testing and any tests included with the source code, unless there's more to "funtoo-
  5. I've looked at this myself, as I run Funtoo on all of my systems with btrfs as the root filesystem. I found this page on the Gentoo Wiki, which outlines a way to take pre- and post-snapshots when using Portage. Haven't tried it yet.
  6. It was the uppercase in the username. I didn't realize it got lowercased when I registered.
  7. Just tried to log in to file a bug using the same credentials as the forums. I was told my username/password is incorrect and to contact the JIRA administrators to request an account.
  8. I'm figuring you're talking about something like this FAQ item. Putting this here for more context. Personally, I think it would be interesting - if not better - to have a Portage written in Go. It'd be about as fast as a Portage written in C, but without the possibility for weird errors like C allows. I don't think any porting (ha) of Portage is likely to happen anytime soon, though.
  9. Is there a reason Funtoo seems to be lagging behind with certain software? The one I notice in particular is with desktop environments: Plasma is only available as version 5.12.3 and LXQt is only available as 0.11. I can somewhat understand Plasma 5.12, since that is the LTS release, though I'd like to see the improvements from 5.13 on my Funtoo system. 5.12.6 is the latest LTS though, so it's still behind the current LTS. LXQt being on 0.11 means two years of not being updated, with the project now on 0.13. Is this due to following Gentoo (I notice 5.12.5 and 0.11 being the latest "
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