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  1. Oh! It looks like I was in some kind of twilight semi-logged-in state. I tried logging in again on the wiki, and I was able to edit. I entered the image URLs, following https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Images#Files_at_other_websites but it looks like the requisite wiki option wasn't enabled. The links are better than nothing though.
  2. @drobbins I actually did try that, but got: .. so I need some admin backup.
  3. The keychain page references images but does not link to them: <p> [...] If <tt>ssh-agent</tt> is already running, <tt>keychain</tt> will ensure that your <tt>id_rsa</tt> private key has been added to <tt>ssh-agent</tt> and then set up your environment so that <tt>ssh</tt> can find the already-running <tt>ssh-agent</tt>. It will look something like this: </p><p>[...] After that, <tt>ssh-agent</tt> is already running and has your decrypted private key cached in memory. So if you open a new shell, you will see something like this: </p><p> [...] In both cases it looks like there should be an image referenced after the text "like this:" Ah, looks like it should be referencing these images: https://github.com/funtoo/keychain/tree/master/img