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  1. Funtoo boot with uuid from USB 3.0 drive. But still dont boot from the hdd of this notebook that is one eMMC drive.
  2. Ehi, I have tried with uuid, and it do not work. With just /boot and / in legacymode, kernel don't find root.
  3. Hi guys, (first of all, I'm sorry for my bad english) I'm new here, and I have some problem right now. I have installed funtoo on (acer cloudbook11 intel celeron n3050, 2gb ram) 5hours and after that it dosn't start, because kernel don't find Root. 1) I want to know if I have to use uuid (and how I can find it while installing and if I need to generate another kernel or if the default debian is ready to read uuid and not /dev/sda option). I have formatted and installed antergos to see fstab that the software has generated and while I was doing that trough the liveusb, just
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