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    safulkin reacted to drobbins in Funtoo release model   
    And to expand on this some more --
    While it's true that we don't have a dedicated security team and rely on users to report CVE's, this doesn't mean that we trail behind Gentoo in all areas. For example, we have a fix in gettext for CVE-2018-18751 that gentoo does not appear to have. We also had important fixes for avahi remote exploits before Gentoo.
    In general this means that our ability to be up-to-date with CVEs depends upon our users' ability to report these. In areas where we have had good reports, we have sometimes had things fixed sooner.
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    safulkin reacted to drobbins in Funtoo release model   
    Just to expand on this, it is perfectly fine for us to be a bit behind Gentoo in terms of updates, and even quality of ebuilds in some areas. We will improve, as I get more videos out to help our community do better and my job is to keep our bug tracker responsive to reported issues. I think it is important to be realistic and realize where we are now, it would be foolish to think that a small community is doing everything it needs. That is fine -- we are improving. That is the key thing.
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    safulkin reacted to drobbins in 1.4-release efforts starting   
    I have just started getting kit-fixups ready for 1.4-release development. Some key changes that are coming in 1.4-release:
    move away from eselect opengl and to libglvnd. official support of container-based solution for steam, etc. updates to pam and pambase 1.4-release will be tracking "current" gentoo for a while and will freeze sometime this summer, likely in June 2019. If you want to get involved, chat on #funtoo and look at the latest commits to kit-fixups on code.funtoo.org. I'll also be doing some introductory videos on how to get involved with the new release of Funtoo.
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    safulkin reacted to drazahoib in Information to possibly help others   
    Fresh install of Funtoo
    I began getting Fetch Failed, 502 Bad Gateway and 404 Not Found errors emerging tcp-wrappers the first in the series of actually emerging KDE.
    After a fair amount of frustration \ research, I emerged mirrorselect and then ran mirrorselect -i -c usa 
    Now everything is emerging with no errors.
    i hope this helps others.
    Scott A. Guthrie 
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    safulkin reacted to drobbins in Funtoo release model   
    We are not doing rolling release for the following reasons:
    Too much time is spent on fixing various breakages coming in from Gentoo, which takes time away from other things... other things are more important such as new technology like fchroot and the upcoming containerization solution... If users are interested in certain packages being updated, I am encouraging them to submit a pull request and maintain these ebuilds themselves, so I am going to focus on helping YOU maintain ebuilds rather than have a few people (this has generally been Oleg) maintaining them for everyone. This model doesn't scale -- we all need to do a little bit rather than a few people doing a lot. See the YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmOY6p3c9hxv3vJMAF8vVw for tutorials Short-term, this means development slows down. But in reality, it will speed up development greatly. For those hanging out on IRC, you know that Oleg who has helped to maintain Funtoo for years has moved on to a new chapter in his life, so he is no longer active on Funtoo. But even though I am not slaving away over here, thanks to incoming pull requests Funtoo is continuing to move forward and be responsive to user needs.
    So think of it as a course correction as we become more agile and community-oriented, and be part of the solution. If you are reading this, it means you are part of the Funtoo community and just as able to contribute to Funtoo as anyone else (maybe with some tutorials/videos to help).
    When I work on technologies, I am trying more to work on key tools that help the community be more productive (like fchroot) rather than focusing on specific ebuilds, which I am leaving to the community to manage using pull requests.
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    safulkin reacted to savasten in Is Funtoo dying?   
    I believe that Funtoo has switched to a more stable release cycle (Not exactly, more like a break less stuff cycle).  @drobbins has also released some great videos on his youtube channel for submitting put requests to have the community start helping with the updates. 
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    safulkin reacted to pfl in What is the core difference between funtoo and other linux distributions?   
    about your qestion why Daniel developed Funtoo you may find this Video useful
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    safulkin reacted to drobbins in funtoo 1.3 arm-32bit and arm-64bit builds now available   
    arm-32bit and arm-64bit builds of Funtoo Linux 1.3 are now available. Search for "arm" on this page using the search field right above the table to see them:
    Enjoy. Also note that we could use some help with updating install docs for raspberry pis as well as odroid-xu4, which I hear now should run fine with our debian-sources-lts? If you look at our odroid-xu4 page here, you'll see that at the top we link to an install guide specific to this board. I'd like to have docs like this for all the raspis as well:
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    safulkin reacted to drobbins in Funtoo Linux 1.3 Alpha Builds Starting   
    Hey Everyone,
    We are starting to build Funtoo Linux 1.3 ALPHA builds. We will let you know when these are uploaded and ready for testing.
    UPDATE: Ryzen 1.3 Alpha builds now available for download and testing: https://build.funtoo.org/1.3-release-std/x86-64bit/amd64-zen/
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    safulkin reacted to Oleg Vinichenko in XFCE update available   
    Hi, dear Funtoo users!
    XFCE 4.13-release available for testing. Currently not default and requires following steps to update. In /etc/ego.conf enable xfce-kit 4.13:
    [kits] xfce-kit = 4.13-release Followed by
    ego sync and
    emerge -auDN @world Log out and back into your desktop environment.
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