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  1. Thanks @ballsystemlord this happened to me today and I wasn't sure how to solved it. Curiously trying to emerge the same package than you, chrooting from a SystemRescueCD.
  2. My Libreboot/X200 laptop ... USE="device-mapper udev evdev symlink deblob truetype X png vim-syntax xcb" USE="${USE} alsa ntp 256-color pixbuf jpeg opengl" USE="${USE} cups gif spell gtk branding cairo lzma dbus xv egl" USE="${USE} pango svg libsecret xft pdf threads nsplugin samba udisks" USE="${USE} syslog mtp xfs introspection mp3 libnotify" USE="${USE} -llvm -gles2 -qt5 -pulseaudio"
  3. Hi y'all! There are any virtual shop where I can buy t-shirts, cups, etc. about Funtoo? If so, Are these shops reverting back any money to Funtoo? Cheers. Gerardo.
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