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  1. Hi cardinal, thank's a lot for a prompt answer! I followed your instructions, but it still didn't worked. After I deleted /etc/X11/xorg.conf the sddm log-in screen appeared. Best regards
  2. Hi all, I have tried to install nvidia driver for my GeForce 920MX in a fresh installed funtoo with KDE-plasma-5. The original NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-390.48.run failed to load the module, thogh I continued the installation according to www.funtoo.org/Package:NVIDIA_Linux_Display_Drivers. Unfortunately, after reboot I could not even login in cli because of the blinking screen. So, I decided to uninstall the driver in a reverse order. I’ve deleted the three nvidia, nvidia_drm, and nvidia_uvm modules from /lib64/modules/4.16.7-gentoo/video/nvidia.ko, set the configs files back to “intel”, but w
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