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    Renich reacted to uudruid74 in My 2 cents on systemd   
    Option 3:
    Is there a 3rd option? I thought funtoo was looking into revising the init system. It may be interesting to look at a set if goals that could satisfy the technical needs of both systemd and openrc users. I say 'technical' since API level compatibility with systemd for Gnome support or something might be useful, but simply doing it the way X does it (where X is systemd or traditional SysV Unix) should not be a factor ... only the actual benefits of an approach.
    Obviously, such a thing would be a huge project, but I think we have the expertise to pull it off. Yet, I'm not even suggesting coding such a thing at this point, only a change from the current circular banter to what we propose an ideal init would look like.
    More about me at https://eddon.systems
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    Renich got a reaction from uudruid74 in My 2 cents on systemd   
    If anybody here is interested in learning about SystemD, check this out: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Systemd
    That page contains several good links. The definitive guide would be: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/#thesystemdforadministratorsblogseries
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    Thanks a lot, BDFL!
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    GCC is now updated, so unmask is not needed anymore.
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