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  1. Hi Jhan, Yes, looking at it now with "fresh mind" I get your point; yesterday I was just following Cafaia's instructions without checking on it, he is very experienced and I am a noob. Anyway, has been too much, I got annoyed and removed Funtoo. Maybe I will install it again later. Best regards Silvio
  2. My dear Eduardo, better if we laughing here, look: (chroot) sysresccd / # grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot --bootloader-id="Funtoo Linux [GRUB]" --recheck /dev/sdc Installing for x86_64-efi platform. grub-install: error: /boot doesn't look like an EFI partition. (chroot) sysresccd / # I don't know if I have to go to sleep or to try something here lol Big hug Silvio
  3. Ok :) Am starting again with the command #emerge grub After that, I will give (chroot) # emerge @module-rebuild (chroot) # grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot --bootloader-id="Funtoo Linux [GRUB]" --recheck /dev/sdc (chroot) # boot-update (chroot) # exit # cd /mnt # umount -lR funtoo # reboot Suppose is correct, I was still in chroot :)
  4. New problem here Eduardo, look: (chroot) sysresccd / # grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot --bootloader-id="Funtoo Linux [GRUB]" --recheck /dev/sdc bash: grub-install: comando non trovato Thinking you forgot something, i have been trying with the command below and comes out another problem (chroot) sysresccd / # emerge grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot --bootloader-id="Funtoo Linux [GRUB]" --recheck /dev/sdc !!! '--target=x86_64-efi' is not a valid package atom. !!! Please check ebuild(5) for full details. (chroot) sysresccd / # :)
  5. Hi Jhan, I can't give you technical explanation, I can tell you my recent experience with UEFI: - Having Windows 10 on /dev/sda as first installation I reserved /dev/sdb for Linux, knowing is correct to have both disk "UEFI" they are like that. Linux Mint has been the first distro going on /dev/sdb, installation process is very simple and does'nt ask for boot partition. First time I have been installing Grub on /dev/sdb thinking that is the correct place but I experienced that Linux Mint not seen by other distros (needing to create folder in /root and edit /etc/fstab to get
  6. Hi, Eduardo :) Yes please, I see your message on the forum here now. I see also the last one were you telling me is very important to reinstall Grub. Before seeing it I have been reinstalling the "original" Grub on the system but situation is still the same. Do we have to think for something else or still needing to try with Grub on pen drive? I don't know if important to know but the situation about Grub is this one: - Installed with Linux Mint which is on /dev/sdb2 (Grub installed on /dev/sda) - Boot partition for Funtoo is the EFI one on /dev/sda2. GParted
  7. Hi Eduardo :) For some strange reason the last message of yours is not on the Forum here, I saw it on my mail, this one: Hi, Silvio! I thought that SystemRescueCD had the driver nvidia, then we'll have to do something else, let's make Funtoo bootable again. For this you should do a chroot and reinstall the kernel and the necessary drivers with the commands: # emerge debian-sources # emerge @module-rebuild I do not use the UEFI system, but you should follow the steps in the Grub Funtoo installation manual, but this time we will install Grub on a USB drive, so you should connect
  8. Hi, Eduardo! Something still wrong here, look: (chroot) sysresccd / # Xorg -configure :5 X.Org X Server 1.19.3 Release Date: 2017-03-15 X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0 Build Operating System: Linux 4.8.15-1 x86_64 Gentoo Current Operating System: Linux sysresccd 4.14.20-std521-amd64 #2 SMP Sun Feb 18 15:31:04 UTC 2018 x86_64 Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/isolinux/rescue64 Build Date: 31 March 2018 10:00:12AM Current version of pixman: 0.34.0 Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.x.org to make sure that you have the latest version. Markers: (--) probed, (**) fro
  9. P.S. Forgot to say that never errors coming out; only that one concerning "udev"
  10. Hi, Eduardo! I checked the services, "dbus" and "consolekit" are running for what I can understand. I did some attempts always in chroot from System Rescue CD, I don't remember all steps but surely I have been doing the process for "X" and "KDE". Hoping is not a problem that I was on System Rescue CD working in graphical environment when working. Gone looking at the pages you suggested to me but I was puzzled because the process is not the same of the one on Funtoo manual. So, I gone to Funtoo manual, these are the pages I have been following more than others: https://www.funtoo.o
  11. Hi Cafaia! No problem, already you did a lot for me, I will try to solve the problem and will post the final result here. A pic of Schio for you here, is not a special one but am unable to get any better than this one; it is the Old Town, your Grand-Grandpa surely has been walking there. Big hug Silvio
  12. Hi Cafaia! I am here in real time now, just gave the command and this is the output: (chroot) sysresccd / # emerge -av --update --deep --newuse --changed-use --with-bdeps=y @world These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... done! Total: 0 packages, Size of downloads: 0 KiB Nothing to merge; quitting. (chroot) sysresccd / # "emerge --info" output here: (chroot) sysresccd / # emerge --info Portage 2.3.24 (python 2.7.13-final-0, funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/arch/x86-64bit, gcc-5.4.0, glibc-2.23-r8, 4.14.20-std521-amd64 x86_64) ==============
  13. Hi Cafaia :) I am mortified but still problem here: SDDM refuses password and mouse's pointer does'nt move over there. Plus, no access to consolle (Ctrl+Alt+F1). After installing the kernel got problem at boot, I try to explain: lines were like flashing and problem typing for user name and password (no access, of course). So, I did many steps trying to solve the issue myself, maybe I forget something, but surely I did: - Installing Nvidia drivers again - emerge -v1 x11-wm/twm x11-apps/xclock x11-terms/xterm - emerge xf86-input-evdev - cancelling the user (the old one cancelled
  14. @ Jhan: - Hi! - To be honest, I don't know if I used the correct flags because I don't know how to manage them yet; I have been installing that package with # emerge -a seeing some flags already there but I don't know if needing intervention to add them to the package. Also I have to understand yet why flags and other stuff coming out in the terminal with different colors. Anyway, apparently the problem is fixed thanking Cafaia's hints, just needing to solve the kernel's problem now. Thank you for your kind concern. Ciao
  15. Hi Cafaia :) Officially, I am a disaster: I have been running all commands suggested by you but I got bad surprise at reboot. Surely the problem is that after this command: # emerge -av --update --deep --newuse --changed-use --with-bdeps=y @world (already I gave it during installation process but I don't remember when) according with terminal's hint I gave # emerge --depclean final result, the Debian kernel gone and Funtoo does'nt start anymore. Well, supposing I don't have to reinstall everything from scratch and can fix working from another installed distro (I have Lin
  16. Hi Cafaia, You are the only person seriously helping me for this issue and strongly I hope am not disturbing you. I am having problem with Internet connection at home and only now am able to log in again, hoping the provider will solve it soon, I have an emergency connection now and I don't know for how long I can enjoy it. I update you about the current situation now: - About the language, it is still 99% English, the image of "Impostazioni di Sistema" (System Settings) at the page Lingua/Idioma I have "American English" as "Available Languages" (left column) and "Preferred Lang
  17. Hi Cafaia :) I really appreciate your kind help, am here reporting to you the situation at present time. I have been following your hint, the output here: master@HP-Funtoo ~ $ su - Password: HP-Funtoo ~ # useradd -m -G lp,wheel,uucp,audio,cdrom,video,games,usb,users,plugdev,lpadmin,pulse-access,scanner -s /bin/bash master-test useradd: group 'pulse-access' does not exist HP-Funtoo ~ # groupadd pulse-access HP-Funtoo ~ # gpasswd -a master pulse-access Aggiunta dell'utente master al gruppo pulse-access HP-Funtoo ~ # useradd -m -G lp,wheel,uucp,audio,cdrom,video,games,usb,users,plugdev
  18. Hi Palica, I did # chown -R master /home/master and got nothing
  19. Hi All, I am new on Funtoo world and am trying to make my fresh installation suitable for my daily use, I have been following the installation guide but something is wrong here and I don't know how to resolve, these are the small problems am facing right now: 1 - Icons on the bar don't keep the position, all of them (clock, etc.) are on the left side every time I switch on the computer. I have been trying to cancel the ~/.kde but got nothing. 2 - When I minimize an application in the bar (Konsole, etc.) they simply disappear (when going to open again, is a new one, showing the n
  20. Hi Palica, Got new clue and am sure we are close to the solution now. On the SDDM login page I noticed down on the left corner the session switcher: clicking on it was selected "X" session, I switched to "Plasma" session and it started but coming out the following message: All shell packages missing. This is an installation issue, please contact your distribution Clicking "Ok" on the message black screen comes out. =================================================================================================================== EDIT - April, 7,2018 =======
  21. The Funtoo one, starting from this page: https://www.funtoo.org/Install After that, all the ones linked over there, the last page I have been following is this one: https://www.funtoo.org/KDE_Plasma_5
  22. well, the question kind of remains, can you login to your box as normal user (console login not graphical)? Yes, sddm continues refusing password, so I did now: Ctrl+Alt+F1 login = master Password ####### I did'nt try "startx" again sure receiving again the message "server x already running" so I gone root and gave ls /var/log coming out a list of some files, I have been opening with nano the sddm log ( name green in color), is long, I don't see error messages there. Only one line saying breeze theme does'nt exist. After that reboot
  23. I am sorry once again Palica, was thinking camera shot better than writing. I am a bit confused, briefing: - I gave these commands: # emerge -v1 x11-wm/twm x11-apps/xclock #emerge x11-apps/xclock (I don't remember if gave "-v1" at beginning) - Two different commands because I did'nt understand if two or only one. Coming out "X" giving $ startx here = getting three panels and a clock. Reboot. Lightdm refuses pw again (the window does'nt gone out of focus, no black strip on the left side). "su" and giving: # emerge -v1 x11-wm/twm x11-apps/xclock x11-terms/xterm su user (
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