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  1. Oleg put me in the right direction. Though I used the generic_64 stage, I later recompiled @system using the more recent instruction set of the NAS, from cpuid2cpuflags. This produced an executable that can not run on my older desktop, while still in chroot. Recompiling sys-apps/kmod with "basic" CPUFLAGS solved my problem.
  2. Hi Oleg, thanks for the answer. I'm not sure 100%, but I think I played it safe and downloaded the generic one, mostly because it's the first time I cross-compile and I don't need to optimize that much for performance. Furthermore, both the kernel and the modules compile and install just fine, it's only depmod that goes wrong. Now I'm looking in depmod tool itself: maybe I can run it "standalone" after make stops.
  3. Hello everyone, I've been using Funtoo on my main desktop PC for quite some time. Now I'm expanding the family building a small (and "weak") NAS and I'd like to have the OS on a USB key, easy to move and clone. I created a chroot environment on the desktop and installed Funtoo inside it; it all went well, except that when I tried to compile a new kernel ( gentoo-sources-4.15.4 ) the modules_install phase fails: more specifically, depmod.sh fails. As consequence, apparently, the kernel fails to boot. I tried different methods: manual compilation, genkernel and genkernel-next, all
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