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  1. Hello Funtoo Community! I have subscribed to an 'large' Funtoo container, and i have some questions about CPU and Memory allocation for certain applications. I'm planning to run a couple of game Servers in the container and i would like to know if there is any way to force certain applications use only one exact group (node) of CPU cores? So i would like to allocate 8 cores per 1 application. (there will be 2-3 applications) The second question is about RAM and tmpfs. Can i make an tmpfs boot persistant? I would like to load some server data (ca. 1GB) completely in tmpfs for faster I/O. If no, can i use an script to load data on startup in tmpfs, and move data back if SIGTERM/SIGKILL catched, replicating changes every 'n' minutes? Sorry for my English. Thank you!
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