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  1. bluephoenix

    [solved] How to use AMD RS480M video card in Funtoo?

    Thanks everybody, since I have already get a working kernel and working X, I'd like to report my procedure here. 1. Clear the folder of '/etc/kernels' to let genkernel tool to use its default linux kernel configuration. If you leave this folder not empty, genkernel will use one configuration in the folder. But the configuration in my folder leads to a bad kernel which cannot work properly. 2. I use 'genkernel all' to generate a new kernel by using genkernel's default kernel configuration. This configuration belongs to genkernel tool because its location is in genkernel installation folder. I think this configuration is different than the one which funtoo default installs because with funtoo's default kernel I cannot start X. The generated kernel works very well. 3. I didn't follow cardinal's advice. I just keep VIDEO_CARDS="radeon" and everything is fine. I don't know why. 4. In my AMD Semperon 3000+ computer, I spent 3 hours to compile the debian kernel. I do think this exceeds my experience when I used gentoo kernel before. Probably I manually deleted many features before I compile gentoo kernel.
  2. bluephoenix

    [solved] How to use AMD RS480M video card in Funtoo?

    Hi, jhan, I discussed about how to compile kernel with you before. And now I have to face this issue again. Although this time I feel better than before, I still have the following questions about compiling kernel: 1. I feel funtoo's default debian kernel consumes more compiling time than gentoo kernel. Do you think so and why it is ? 2. Can I just go to the folder '/usr/src/linux' and run 'make && make install' and run 'boot-update' to accomplish the kernel update procedure? I used 'make && make install' in gentoo and I know 'boot-update' is funtoo's tool, I don't know if they can work together. 3. I don't understand the benefit of 'genkernel' than the previous method. 4. If I just fine tune a few option of the kernel, how to speed up the compiling time to the kernel. I feel it is not valuable to spend more than one hour to just change a little feature of the kernel.
  3. I am installing funtoo in HP Pavilion laptop. I want to enable X in it but failed. "lspci" show this laptop has a [AMD/ATI] RS480M [Mobility Radeon Xpress 200] video card. I add 'VIDEO_CARDS="radeon"' in the "make.conf" and did the @world update. I installed "linux-firmware", "xorg-x11". But when I executed "startx" I got the following error message: (II) [KMS] drm report modesetting isn't supported. (EE) Fatal server error: (EE) no screen found I also checked the Xorg.0.log, but I can't find more useful information from which. So I will not paste it here. I am sure the hardware is OK because I installed Xubuntu on the same laptop just before and I can enter X then. Just Xubuntu still consumes too much resource so I decide to turn to use Funtoo. But now I stick here. Any hint? Thanks so much!
  4. After I commented out "S0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty -L 115200 ttyS0 vt100" in "/etc/inittab"file, I received consecutive alarm from the console: "init: id"s0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes". Sometimes I need to use serial console to connect to my Funtoo server, so I did the above. But how to get rid of the boring information? And I don't know what is the meaning of it. Thanks!
  5. bluephoenix

    [solved!] How to correct "unknown_domain" issue?

    Thanks! I configure "hostname" file with FQDN, the issue is solved!
  6. When I login in to Funtoo, I just get "xyz.unknown_domain (Linux x86_64 4.15.17-1) 21:41:25" information. Before, I have followed network setting docs to create the /etc/conf.d/net.eth0 file with "domain="owxyz.com" configuration. But it seems no effect. I remember when I use Gentoo, I could get the correct information by setting "dns_domain_lo" in /etc/conf.d/net file. But now there is no "net" file at all, how should I do? Thanks!
  7. bluephoenix

    [Solved] How to customize kernel in Funtoo?

    I suddenly somehow understand why we should NOT use the default .config when we make our customized kernel. It is because "emerge kernel" or "emerge auvDN world" will overwrite the default .config file in which case we will lose our previous work of customization. So I will close this topic session. Thanks everybody!
  8. bluephoenix

    [Solved] How to customize kernel in Funtoo?

    Thanks jhan! I understand more. Thanks!
  9. bluephoenix

    [Solved] How to customize kernel in Funtoo?

    Sorry, jhan, I have to ask again about my confuse. I am not so familiar with genkernel tool as I neither use it when I use gentoo (I only use make && make install in gentoo and get everything done). But now when I turn to funtoo, when I read its document, this tool is proposed. My understanding about genkernel is ONLY a combination of "make, make install and some other small pieces of function". But genkernel will still use .config relative with the specific source, like /usr/src/linux-debian-sources-4.14.12 and nothing else to be its configuration. So if I use config-extract without "-o" option to generate the default .config, that will be just what I want. And then according to the guide, I could use genkernel --kernel-config=.config all to get everything done and enjoy the new kernel. So I still don't understand why I should AVOID to use the default .config when I generate config file by using config-extract command. Leaving the default .config file for what? Is there any other tool will use it for some other purpose? And I tried to use "make && make install" directly in the debian kernel folder and refreshed the Grub menu by using grub-mkconfig, like what I did to gentoo before. But I fail to reboot the new kernel. So I doubt this DEFAULT .config is not the one which is really used by funtoo. Am I wrong?
  10. bluephoenix

    [Solved] How to customize kernel in Funtoo?

    Why should I rename the kernel config file something other than ".config"? It seems that genkernel is an integrated tool for auto-excute "make, make install and etc". But if this is the only difference between genkernel and the seperated commands, so why do yo emphasize "rename the kernel config file something other than '.config'"? What is the fallback if I just overwrite the default ".config"?
  11. bluephoenix

    [Solved] How to customize kernel in Funtoo?

    After I read this article: https://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Kernels I cannot understand this sentence: "It is necessary to name the kernel configuration file something other than ".config" to avoid errors with genkernel. After using config-extract, run make oldconfig and accept all default options by hitting Enter at all prompts." Why should I rename the kernel rather than ".config"? What is the error with genkernel? If I follow gentoo's guide, like make && make install, grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg, what will happen?
  12. bluephoenix

    [Solved] Why does debian kernel need 20G free disk space?

    Thanks you guys' explain to my question! My agree and disagree are half half. One important reason I choose Funtoo/Gentoo is I need an OS to run on my OLD machine on which I don't have enough disk space. For those OLD machine, 20G free disk space is not so easy. Or considering the virtual machine you rent from cloud company, every byte values money. Second import reason I choose Funtoo/Gentoo is easy customization according to some special requirements. Your GENERAL debian kernel may not fulfill my need. So in this case I have to re-compile the kernel after I edit the config. I didn't find complete document describe the method. So I write another new topic to get help. And two questions I still curious: 1. Why compiling debian kernel consumes too much resource while gentoo kernel does not? 2. Could I choose to use Gentoo kernel without any problem coupled with Funtoo architecture?
  13. I have read an article about how to compile a kernel in Funtoo from its wiki. But I am still not clear at all. I can only understand I can choose to compile the kernel based on different arch by using "config-extract" . But if I still want to do some fine-tune based on this arch, how should I do? Where is the config file should I edit and what command should I use to re-compile it and how to install the new kernel to "/boot"? There is no detail manual to refer. Who can help me to give a hint? Thanks a lot!
  14. Why does debian kernel need 20G free disk space? Why I didn't face this requirement when I use Gentoo and its kernel? This requirement causes Funtoo user need to leave at least 20G free disk space forever except he will not compile kernel forever. And the manual says the compile time will be more than 1 hour even on the modern CPU, but I remember I only need less than 10min when I compiled Gentoo kernel in a normal CPU. I don't like this limitation somehow and I'd like to know what is the benefit I get from the default situation. Thanks!