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  1. You probably want to switch to python-kit 3.6 :) In ego.conf, set: python-kit = 3.6-prime See: https://www.funtoo.org/News:Python_Multiplexing(And_another_Ego_update) for the trick to getting ego to update happily.
  2. Ray, I was successful in building and booting my ZFS based system mostly following the guide, however I deviated in several important ways, including building a mirrored vdev and installing grub to both bootsectors to allow boot if one has failed, updating the kernel sources before building spl and the zfs userspace & modules, and most importantly, modified the grub configuration to autodetect and look for the right filename for my kernel; also, I don't have swap on the pool. I am going to do a reinstall on my machine this weekend, not including recreating the datasets, and I will further evaluate the guide, the zfs packaging, and genkernel itself for issues which may need to be fixed or clarified. Take care, ~~~Chris~~~
  3. Hello, To help figure out what's going on, a little more information is needed. Can you confirm that your pool is called 'rpool' and you exported it when you finished the creation steps? Did you set the bootfs attribute on the pool correctly? Did you make sure you copied the cache file? Does the grub.cfg have anything odd that might be forcing a wrong uuid and otherwise look correct? Did the zfs and spl modules load and are they the right version? To be safe as far as the initramfs goes, you should emerge your kernel sources, use genkernel to build just the kernel, then emerge zfs, spl, & zfs-kmod, then use genkernel to build the whole initramfs using the flags for at least zfs and uuid support, then continue on with grub and verify the cfg refers to the correct initramfs filneame! Take care, ~~~Chris~~~ P.S. #funtoo on freenode.net is a great place to get live help and discussion.
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