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  1. 6 hours ago, palica said:

    yes, that is the best way. but, you should also know that funtoo tries to keep the version bump race low. funtoo keeps good version of packages and backports only security updates, it a version bump makes sense from any other point than just bumping the version because we can, then it will be done. with kits there will be a 6 month release schedule


    yes, it works and I am also using it, it turns on some toolchain hardening. https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Hardened/Toolchain

    testing, reporting stuff, if you want you can join the #funtoo-dev on freenode (irc)


    Last one for now, for maximum bleeding edge I should use the dev kits, right?

  2. First of all a thanks to the Funtoo team and community, I've sucefully managed to install this distro and I'm loving it.

    Second, I'm new to Funtoo and I have some doubts, if someone can answer I will be grateful.

    1. If I find outdated packages how can I proceed ? Report as bug in JIRA?

    BTW: There are a few outdated packages that I've found for example linux-headers (was trying to install XEN) ,freeplane and apparmor and it's libs.

    2. Does the hardened profile still works even without the GRSEC kernel?
    3. How can I help?

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