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  1. On a side note : there is a Funtoo system resurrection guide @ https://www.funtoo.org/System_resurrection that details the steps @palica just correctly described, but it needs some "modernization/lovin" to reflect the /usr/portage move to /var/cache and /var/git plus some other minor technical details.
  2. Sorry, I was offering advice based on your initial problem with make oldconfig for vanilla sources. Which points to broken binutils. From your original question you were rebuilding @world so it appeared that you were able to emerge/build packages. From that point on the thread has evolved into a hodgepodge of many broken things that may or may not have happened after the first question. At this point though it seems now your compiler links are broken.
  3. I would try rebuilding binutils first since it provides the assembler. But if that fails you can rebuild a sane toolchain. emerge in this order gcc binutils glibc eselect gcc list and eselect gcc set your compiler and source /etc/profile
  4. bug was filed a few days ago and should be fixed now. bug FL-4743
  5. I thought 4.14.12 was latest stable marked kernel with all the meltdown, spectre patches and that the latest linux-firmware has updated drivers for it. Probably want the latest microcode too. could be some PTI thing?? IDK maybe worth a shot making sure you have latest kernel? just throwing out ideas.
  6. looks cool, all the kits seem to be only showing the python-kit version.
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