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  1. Thats exactly how I had fixed mine, with login.defs. Just change the SUB_UID_MAX  and SUB_GID_MAX

    UID_MIN                  1000
    UID_MAX                 60000
    # System accounts
    SYS_UID_MIN               101
    SYS_UID_MAX               999
    # Extra per user uids
    SUB_UID_MIN                100000
    SUB_UID_MAX             2000000000
    SUB_UID_COUNT               65536

    # Min/max values for automatic gid selection in groupadd(8)
    GID_MIN                  1000
    GID_MAX                 60000
    # System accounts
    SYS_GID_MIN               101
    SYS_GID_MAX               999
    # Extra per user group ids
    SUB_GID_MIN                100000
    SUB_GID_MAX             20000000000
    SUB_GID_COUNT               65536


  2. @quantum that wiki page mentions the nvidia-kernel-modules in the Introduction and the 1.4 Funtoo upgrade guide explicitly mentions needing the nvidia-kernel-modules package. The wiki page is editable by anyone if you wish to add please go ahead, it would be appreciated 🙂 Also, debian-sources-lts is the default and preferred sources for Funtoo. They are much more thoroughly tested/vetted. Debian-sources are more of a courtesy as they are latest testing of new kernel additions before a mainline LTS kernel is released.

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