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  1. Thank you much. I just noticed that version 0.11-0-r1 was out and it indeed fixed.
  2. How do I know if the problem I am having is a bug and not a problem with my system?
  3. I'm 5 files away from having a working desktop and lxqt-panel-0.11 fails. Can anyone help WHy does the code box say im trying to pst spam? Seriously how do you post any code from the failed package when the forum blocks it? build.log
  4. It's failing on a patch download. dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https/LWP-Protocol-https_ca-cert-r1.patch.gz. I have downloaded it and placed it in the files folder next to the other patches. I tried running ebuild dev-perl/LWP-Protocol-https-6.60.0 digest. it still doesn't see it.
  5. Hi I'm trying to update my system after a fresh install and i'm getting this : basicly its failing and the forum software thinks im trying to post spam so heres my empty code box I there some way I can manually download and place the missing patch and then install? I'm stuck until it's fixed. It did let me attacach the build log build.log
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