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  1. I'd rather it be opt-in, myself. One of the main reasons for my using Linux over other OS's is that data is specifically NOT sent by default.
  2. That's over 300 downgrades for me - most of which come from kde-kit (I had kde-apps 17.08.2, kde-frameworks 5.39.0, and kde-plasma 5.11.1). Of particular note is the blockage of mariadb-10.2 by akonadi-17.08.1. Other than that (which is fixable by just a mask) I don't really see anything that especially concerns me... I would like to have a non-RC version of mesa in xorg-kit though (current is 17.2.3, xorg-kit has 17.2.0_rc5). I don't necessarily have a huge problem with all these downgrades in that nothing should break anything I have/do - but it's definitely a non-trivial annoyanc
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