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  1. With the advent of virtualization, I wouldn't actually do these things, they would be simulated. I mean, there is no way Google or ... Microsoft manually test their products. Maybe there is some proprietary product that does this testing. It isn't whether I have issues with these things, it is whether I *COULD* have issues with these things and not know about it. I'd rather know when I build my system that something is broken so I could just not upgrade.
  2. I like the style of the anime one, that is really great. These look good, by chance are you an F1 fan? It'd be awesome to take another concept such as F1 and do what you did with the anime one for that, or something else linux-related.
  3. Hi all, I suspect I am having permissions problems with overlayfs. 1. created a file (as root) 2. ls -l <file> 3. confirmed the file is owned by root 4. ran unshare -r <some executable> - output indicates file as being owned by nobody or 65534 even though ls -l confirms it is owned by root 5. ls -l <file> still shows file is owned by root Lastly, I confirmed in /rw/<path-to-file> that the permissions are the same as the file I created. Why is unshare seeing different permissions and how do I see what it sees?
  4. Well, yes, stuff generally works; however, when I need to print or something I haven't done in a year, it may not work and chasing down the problem when I need it to work is bothersome. And, by then it would be nearly impossible to see what change may have caused it. It might turn out that an application configuration needs to be changed. If all of that stuff could be simulated, then once I have the activity captured where I could replay it later, then I would have a guarantee that a new build is good before I actually decide to reboot to it. It is the same reason we have kits.
  5. That doesn't answer how I would test a linux image (where an image is an ISO ...). Sure, whatever I ultimately would invoke could be initiated by this, but I'm looking for the tool that would simulate network traffic, someone logging in, plugging in a monitor, etc. I would imagine I could hack together a bunch of scripts to do stuff in virtualbox, but that is sort of limited I would imagine and tied to virtualbox. Even then, I'd probably have to code in C or something.
  6. Is this a plymouth theme or lightdm? I use the console to login and not GDM / lightdm / KDM / etc. The video above was pretty cool, do you have anything more gentoo/funtoo specific?
  7. With all of the tools such as docker and virtualbox, I can easily launch a VM, but what I would like to do is to simulate all of the typical activity I perform on my machine and replay that against the VM to see what works and doesn't work. Is this possible using off-the-shelf software? For example, I would like to plug in a USB thumbdrive, join a wifi network, have certain displays connected, etc.
  8. Right, the ones that I was looking for were in the 1.1-prime kit. Is there a shortcut way (rather than specify the branch in /etc/ego.conf) to just use dev everywhere by default?
  9. For the core-kit, I am on the 1.0-prime branch, but should be on 1.1-prime instead. That seems to resolve that issue. I'll see if it is just a matter of taking the latest prime branch for each kit.
  10. Hi, I want to confirm that for some kits, they're no longer being actively synced with gentoo. For example, core-kit, apparently is not: The problem is that for example the version I'm trying to download doesn't exist in the gentoo package listing and is not available on mirrors. net-dns/bind-tools-9.11.0_p3:0/0::core-kit sys-apps/file-5.30 Lastly, on a related note, what is the process for marking packages as stable. Ie, is there automated testing, then someone simply updates the branch? If so, I'd like to understand the process so I could als
  11. No, you need to look in /var/git/meta-repo/kits. The package / ebuild will be in one of those kit directories.
  12. Also, simply putting the symlink from /etc/init.d/unbound to openrc/started/unbound got the service to be able to be restarted again. The openrc/daemons/unbound/001 was not required.
  13. I am still debugging this. So, I went through my logs and found I have this issue for both init scripts that I wrote and that were prepackaged with Gentoo/Funtoo. That said, I am investigating one that I wrote for argus. One issue is that the pidfile was not created; however, I even manually created it and the start-stop-daemon doesn't seem to be recognizing that it is started. I'm going through the source for openrc to try to piece together what's going on: https://github.com/OpenRC/openrc/blob/90d9ea656ff7c6b5d618df4e4261ebfa4033f1a8/src/rc/start-stop-daemon.c
  14. Thanks - I'm still thinking on how exactly I could debug this. I think it is one of 2 things, a configuration I'm doing or something with OpenRC. Since many people use OpenRC and haven't reported this such issue, I suspect it is more of a configuration I'm doing.
  15. Thanks for the reply - NetworkManager is merely acting as a catalyst to tell OpenRC to start the service. The process is like this: 1. NetworkManager starts (part of the default runlevel) 2. NetworkManager joins a specific network and fires an event, invokes dispatcher script 3. The NetworkManager dispatcher script calls a bunch of stuff which ends up calling service <service name> restart. I call restart because the service may already be running and was just reconfigured for a given network. These services are not part of the default or boot runlevels.
  16. Thanks - I am still debugging and am guessing I need to dig into /sbin/openrc-run. /var/log/messages capture the output from running service <service name> start and shows the service started The pidfile for that service exists (and has the correct PID for that service) The output of ps aux --forest | grep <service name> shows that PID and the same cmdline that the init script has I am starting these services through a NetworkManager dispatcher script that executes through the at daemon (since it takes some time to complete). No, zapping does not w
  17. I updated my systems and my recent builds are having this issue both on desktops and servers. When running rc-status, some services are reported as stopped even though they are running and when I try to either do a service <service name> start or service <service name> restart, it reports that the service is already running. I am only starting my services through the /usr/sbin/service command. The only thing I can think of is checking the permissions at /run, and that seems fine. What else / where else should I look to sort this out? Thanks in adva
  18. My openresolvconf configuration was invalid: # Use the local name server name_servers= # added for dnscrypt + dnssec #options edns0 The last line had the bug in it and that caused openresolvconf to crash. Walter
  19. Hi all, This one has been bugging me for a while. At first, I thought it might be related to running a hardened system, so I decided to migrate to a more vanilla install, but I get the same thing repeatably. I' running gentoo sources 4.13.9 and NetworkManager 1.4.4-r1. I can reproduce this problem on any of my machines as long as I restart NetworkManager when an interface is up. The workaround for me is to bring down the interface (ifconfig eth0 down) before restarting NetworkManager. Short of running strace, what else can I do to sort this out? Walter
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