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  1. Thanks. It's a really great distro btw, the package kits and the way you recommend holding off on USE flags until you get a bootable system just makes much more sense to me. Your workflow kinda fits what I do. Install a workstation, probably plasma in my case, vim, firefox, a few games, lua, python, and I'm good. I appreciate your response.

  2. Hello - discovered Funtoo as a Gentoo alternative and built it in a VM. I love the install instructions. I set up a basic TWM desktop, then KDE-Plasma and tooled around with it for a bit. I really like it, but have a few questions, really these are personal opinions I'm asking for, but still I think it would help me evaluate Funtoo.

    • Once you have a working desktop, do you spend much time adding new applications to @world ? Or do you have a set workflow that works for you and don't tend to add/remove many things?
    • Do you reinstall often?
    • Do most people stick with debian-sources kernel? If so, do you feel you miss out on certain kernel features? If, not, why do you use a different kernel?


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