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  1. W.r.t. critical thinking there is a pretty decent video series named calling bullshit, which goes into detail on how to apply it in an environment that's ever more increasing in nonsense information.
  2. (Quote emphasis mine) That may be the case from your perspective and that's perfectly fine. The reason why I made a sad reaction to the announcement (and the update) is because mine is different. To the best of my knowledge Discord requires sending all your voice data to their servers with only transport encryption, not end-to-end, so there's no reason to believe they aren't storing it. If you think conventional data breaches are dangerous, consider what would happen if a criminal element got access to a vast amount of such voice data (impersonation being only the most obvious one). You may call me paranoid, but in recent times this risk is unacceptable to me. My personal issue with Telegram is one of trust in their technology. MTProto 1's numerous unexplained oddities are well known and haven't all been addressed in version 2. This, combined with the fact that the principal mind behind their design is not a cryptographer, marks Telegram as "do not touch with a ten foot pole" for me. Don't get me wrong, I generally love shiny new technology and I do recognize the immense convenience both of these tools have for a vast amount of people, but I will not use something just because it's shiny and more convenient for other people. It also needs to not be a regression from existing technology for me, which both of these two tools are. I'm happy in the sense that more people are likely to join the Funtoo community. I'm sad that it had to be these two technologies, for the reasons I mentioned.
  3. See related: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6035 To the best of my knowledge nothing about this has changed in 1.4. Only debian-sources(-lts) are officially supported. Unfortunately, the other sources are not masked despite being unsupported.
  4. Gentoo has KDE Plasma 5.13 (and qt 5.11) in normal portage, no need to use testing. PS: You could also use the ebuilds in my overlay, if you don't want to sync the whole Gentoo tree (they are imported from Gentoo), though they may be behind slightly in the release version (the 'x' in 5.13.x)
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