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  1. Last week I was there. There is a post in this forum where a dev explain the issue (ie: an early push) and how to fix that. It didn't work for me but my hdd crashed in the while and when I restarted with a newer stage3 the whole issue was gone. Good luck.
  2. Thanks Cardinal, but my attempt to update packages was not because of the security issues: that machine is airgapped in a pretty hard to reach room. I am trying to install plasma+wayland (via elogind) and I have found a report of success using xorg-server >=1.19.1. I have no idea which lib from xorg is needed to get plasma5 running on wayland but ... that's the story. I am trying to avoid bare src injecting to keep the ego/emerge distro consistent. I already manually installed a local overlay before using layman and the result is the same: !!! Repository name or alias 'gentoo', defined for repository 'core-kit', overrides existing alias or repository. Don't get me wrong, I feel pretty comfortable with Funtoo. I'm an old Gentoo user (I gave up around 2003 because I couldn't afford to build my software and went back on Funtoo around year 2013). I already made my choice. I beg your pardon for whineing a bit: I just got confused with late mods to portage system... I am not sure yet whether they are bugs or features. Crossing the fingers until our benevolent dictator complete this hell of transition. There are spurious outputs everywhere; as soon as I finish to setup my new infrastructure I'll spend some time for helping sorting out the leftovers. At this point this thread is over: 1) my repo is not screwed. 2) emerge behavior is consistend. 3) actual xorg-server package is patched. The only thing I didn't get yet is that "gentoo" overriding an existing alias or repository; but it works. It just spits that message out. I'll open a new thread for plasma+wayland setup. Thank you all.
  3. Errata: I wrote a wrong title. I have xorg-server-1.17.4-r1 but can't upgrade to >xorg-server-1.17.4-r1. My local clone is the same. What about this then? On february Oleg said "xorg-server masks now removed, which will bring xorg-server-1.19.1 on current and 1.18.4 on stable builds". Many packages are pretty obsolete. I updated mesa (13->17) and xf86-video-nouveau (13->15) from Gentoo overlay and they work just fine; some issues I had with stock packages have been fixed in the new versions. So I tought that my install was broken...
  4. anichang

    It's ok or not ?

    I've no idea what it is but ... a python traceback can't be "normal" ... It looks like some kind of debris left over by migrating from portage to meta-repo/ego/kits/whatever the evil bofh is doing.
  5. Negative. I followed the page you pointed me at: # cd /var/git/meta-repo # git pull # git submodule init # git submodule update # emerge -1 ego plus # ego sync but It keeps holding my xorg-server to that bugged version. Edit: anyway thanks for trying. That procedure updated ego and my Ego... but I've good reasons to be paranoid for ;)
  6. I just made a plain funtoo install and I can't get updated packages. emerge --sync reports nothing to update. ego sync seems to update properly instead. But can't get (some) updated ebuilds. I can see here a news by Oleg on February 5, 2017 asserting "Due to several security vulnerabilities[1,2,3], xorg-server masks now removed, which will bring xorg-server-1.19.1 on current and 1.18.4 on stable builds." but I don't have those ebuilds in /var/git/meta-repo/kits/xorg-kit/x11-base/xorg-server . And by adding the gentoo, x11 and kde overlays I get a conflicts storm... How do I move on from 1.17.4-r1? And more important: how do I check if my meta-repo is screwed? Secondly, after Layman added /etc/portage/repos.conf/layman.conf I get !!! Repository name or alias 'gentoo', defined for repository 'core-kit', overrides existing alias or repository. every time I use emerge. Before emerging layman I manually cloned gentoo's portage and added a local overlay myself, ending up having the same error message; so I gave up and went layman's way... having the same result. Why an overlay (named "gentoo") "overrides existing alias or repository"? I can't grep any gentoo in repos.conf; they all have core-kit master! thanks anichang
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