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  1. Look into /etc/ego.conf If there is a line with "release=...", what does it say?
  2. The original post in this thread mentioned two different things: 1 - newer debian sources in the treee but not offered for installation 2 - a version of plex-media-server not offered for installation where a newer version should be available (e.g. for gentoo) My answer was to number 1. When you see a newer version in the tree than is offered to you by emerge, it is often because a keyword is missing. And yes, it is up to you to set this keyword or not. Number 2 is mostly because the developers haven't had the time to add the newer ebuilds into the tree. In that case you can always go to bugs.funtoo.org and request it to be added, like it was done in here: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-3546
  3. And here is your answer, why you don't see the new debian versions in the normal update. You still need to add the keyword ** for them.
  4. What is the output of emerge -pv ="debian-sources-4.14.17" ?
  5. I don't know if appi is the culprit, ego wants to install appi if it is not installed. But I see a difference in the way ego is installed with @NikosAlexandris compared to @cardinal and me. Nikos seems to have set the USE flag "zsh-completion" while cardinal and I have set it to "-zsh-completion". Does not make a difference on my system but who knows.
  6. You can use javascript to create css but that are two separate things. And javascript, as well as css, are interpreted by the browser. So, what exactly is the problem?
  7. Problem could be, that qca does not have a use flag qt5. At least the currently visible versions of app-crypt/qca-2.2.0_pre20180606 and app-crypt/qca-2.1.3-r2
  8. The question now is, why this solved the problem because in the first post you said:
  9. Good to exclude the "easy" part ;) And with you moving meta-repo out of the way, that part should be save as well. What version of ego do you have installed? Current version is ego-2.6.0-r2
  10. Have you checked if you have a file called ego.conf in other places on your system that contain different content?
  11. May I add to the confusion? On my system 'emerge -cp' does not want to remove grub, although grub does not seem to be a dependency for anything:
  12. Have you told the OS where it can find the printer?
  13. Do you have the package gdk-pixbuf installed?
  14. I don't use gnome so I can't say if the funtoo gnome 3 version works without systemd. But you can run gnome 3 without systemd, see e.g https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/GNOME/GNOME_Without_systemd.
  15. Are you trying to build gcc with the specific CFLAGS directly or are you cross compiling? It also seems to be that the gcc system is currently overhauled for such cases, see https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-3787 for more information.
  16. Where do you get the idea from that the CFLAGS are dropped? When I look at a build.log file I still see all the CFLAGS I have set.
  17. jhan

    No more updates?

    Are there currently no updates delivered? For a few days I haven't got any updates for my system, not even vim. The only unusual I see in the output is the mention of a "detached head" for the core kit (see attached file). I already tried to drop the local git directory and reload it but no difference. egosync.txt
  18. Good question. You could always report it as a bug at bugs.funtoo.org
  19. I think you either need to use the use flag "-asn1" or install dev-libs/libtasn1.
  20. The question is, which config files are we talking about? Are those config files then different for each container or could you provide them for the containers from a "master config" as well? If you can't do that, you are pratically looking for another switch for ego-sync, something like "--config-only", or? Just to understand the way you are using the meta-repo. You use ego-sync to update the config files in your containers but what do you use the updated information for?
  21. In that case you probably don't need the "ego sync" for the containers at all. Just run "ego sync" on a writable system once and share this meta-repo data with the containers. "ego sync" would get a current meta-repo and in the containers you would only use something like "emerge --update" and not "ego sync", as that has already been done, and is available through the shared directories.
  22. The first question that pops into my mind is: What are you trying to accomplish here? ego sync updates the local repo with the changes of the global one. That will not work on a read-only file system. So, what is your reasoning for keeping the meta-repo read-only? And what do you expect to happen when you sync it?
  23. So called ivybridge processors come in different shapes and sizes. And your cpu does not seem to support aes or avx. Thus the stage3 you used is not the correct one, as it uses avx: https://www.funtoo.org/Intel64-ivybridge I would start with a generic stage3 first: https://www.funtoo.org/Generic_64 and then use the tool cpuid2cpuflags to find the supported cpu flags and then recompile the system with the supported cpu flags set.
  24. I think that this could be because LINGUAS support is slowly replaced by L10N: https://www.gentoo.org/support/news-items/2016-06-23-l10n-use_expand.html I think there was a similar problem a while ago with KDE. But it seems that some packages still haven't switched over.
  25. Hmm...if I understand all that correctly, it sounds to me that you are complicating the matter. I would just write myself a simple script which would do the following: - Do a pre-install snapshot - emerge everything (or do other damaging stuff) - Do a post-install snapshot I see no need to involve portage in it, other than it is intended to do already. But I might not be understand what you are trying to accomplish here. In that case please elaborate.
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