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  1. Hello Guys I am try rstudio in Funtoo This error when compiler in 62% not found java compiler have this code: [java] Linking into /var/tmp/portage/sci-mathematics/rstudio-1.0.153/work/rstudio-1.0.153/src/gwt/www/rstudio; Writing extras to /var/tmp/portage/sci-mathematics/rstudio-1.0.153/work/rstudio-1.0.153/src/gwt/extras/rstudio [java] Link succeeded [java] Linking succeeded -- 1.367s build: BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 3 minutes 12 seconds make[2]: Leaving directory '/var/tmp/portage/sci-mathematics/rstudio-1.0.153/work/rstudio-1.0.153_build' [ 62%] Built ta
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