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  1. Hi All, Forums have been updated to the latest version and I have re-enabled a new version of member map. Let me know if you encounter any issues. -Daniel
  2. Just to expand on this, it is perfectly fine for us to be a bit behind Gentoo in terms of updates, and even quality of ebuilds in some areas. We will improve, as I get more videos out to help our community do better and my job is to keep our bug tracker responsive to reported issues. I think it is important to be realistic and realize where we are now, it would be foolish to think that a small community is doing everything it needs. That is fine -- we are improving. That is the key thing.
  3. Hi all -- We are in the final stages of prepping a total rewrite of the graphics stack in Funtoo which is based on libglvnd rather than "eselect opengl". This work was done by TemptorSent and improves our NVIDIA support but also essentially updates how GL is handled under Funtoo for everyone to be more modern. If you want to play around with this and have NVIDIA hardware, see https://www.funtoo.org/Package:NVIDIA_Linux_Display_Drivers#TemptorSent's Experimental NVIDIA ebuilds . I actually have libglvnd running fine on my Intel-based laptop as well, so these steps can be used on any hardware -- just re-emerge mesa and skip nvidia-drivers. Debian-sources-lts 4.9.168_p1 is now unmasked for everyone. I have also significantly updated and rewritten the pam and pambase ebuilds. These incorporate the latest updates from gentoo plus a bunch of funtoo changes. Basically, the new pam- contains the very latest upstream fixes for pam, and also incorporates the old pambase ebuild. The new pambase ebuild -- pambase-20190426.ebuild -- is simply a 'virtual' package. It just depends on pam to satisfy any dependencies of packages that require pambase. The other funtoo-specific changes in pam are: Relax pam_limits so that it attempts to set resource limits but does not prevent you from logging in if it somehow fails to do this. This is important for preventing lxd users from being locked out due to /etc/security/limits.conf changes in containers. Incorporation of pam_faillock, which is optional functionality that can disable an account login after multiple failed login attempts. This is required by some security standards. (This patch comes from Red Hat.) Deprecate consolekit and systemd support in the ebuild. Deprecate multilib support in the ebuild. This stuff is currently keyword masked and expert users are encouraged to unmask them and test them -- but be prepared for the possibility of login issues on your test system, which means have a livecd or liveUSB handy. Best, Daniel
  4. @zogg if you are looking for others to do the work for you and keep everything up-to-date for you, this is not the right distro for you. We track CVEs that are reported on the bug tracker and we actively incorporate any CVE fixes. But they need to be reported on the bug tracker. Definitely use Gentoo if you want a bunch of developers to do all the work for you.
  5. Also, the 3 kernel config warnings you see on emerge don't appear to be problematic. I think they can be safely ignored.
  6. Just for everyone else, I resolved this for @skygunner -- If you ever have an issue running docker in your container, just let me know and I'll take care of it.
  7. Hey I just want to jump in and say it's OK, I understand if there are some people that are disappointed about us not having pure rolling releases anymore. It's fine to express your opinions here. I think that's totally understandable, frankly. Now yes, these changes were totally needed and like I said earlier, there is a strategy that is being very successful so far even though it's in its early stages. The strategy is that I support our users (with things like YouTube videos, code.funtoo.org, fchroot) to be contributors to Funtoo. So yes, right now I think it's fair to say we are playing a bit of catch-up with Oleg moving on to other things -- BUT, considering we just started this effort, I also think it's fair to say that in time we will likely catch up and even go beyond what we were capable of before. And that means that we can push ahead more with many more updates and possibly even a more up-to-date release (betas?) or a true rolling release again. In the mean time, I ask @lazlo.vii and others to be supportive of those expressing disappointment since I want people to have a place to vent their disappointment -- I don't see it being overboard or in poor taste at all -- and in my experience, the worst thing for a community is if any disappointment is bottled up and never expressed (and then we need to guess why people are unhappy) so I would much rather have people share how they feel. As long as they understand the reason for the decision, it's fine to share feedback and vent a bit.
  8. Note to all -- this kernel has been unmasked and is ready for general use.
  9. Hey Everyone, @temptorsent has graced us with completely rewritten-from-scratch nvidia-drivers and related ebuilds that will be serving to replace the ones we are currently using from Gentoo. Please help us out and test them! See the instructions here for how to start using them for testing: https://www.funtoo.org/Package:NVIDIA_Linux_Display_Drivers#TemptorSent's Experimental NVIDIA ebuilds These ebuilds will be enhanced to support our upcoming GPU accelerated container support. Best, Daniel
  10. Also note that @temptorsent has rewritten all the nvidia ebuilds from scratch, and we're going to use these improved ebuilds as a basis for steam support. We're trying to launch the beta of these drivers today. I'll be testing to make sure that containers pick up and properly use the 32-bit nvidia libs that are required for GPU acceleration to work with steam.
  11. All, @bcowan has made our day better with a new debian-sources-4.9.161_p1 ebuild which is available for testing, but currently package-masked so it doesn't install by default. To get emerge to see it, add the following to /etc/portage/package.keywords: =sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.9.161_p1 ** Then do: # emerge debian-sources-lts # ego boot update # reboot Please report any bugs or issues to https://bugs.funtoo.org. Thanks ?
  12. Yes, the install docs should be updated. The defaults in /etc/boot.conf are sufficient and I always just install the boot loader and then run "ego boot update" and all is good. if you would like, please update this page to make it better. You want to edit the one that's part of the section-by-section guide (not the "all on one page" install guide.)
  13. Cool, can you provide info on the steps you used -- I'd like to test this out.
  14. @dkg Sorry that Funtoo is not working for you but unfortunately the multilib implementation in Gentoo that 'works' for people has serious technical issues that make it hard to maintain. It is getting in the way of certain important efforts in Funtoo. We are likely going to circle back to multilib at some point but with a better implementation. The containerization solution for steam and friends is moving forward nicely and is near-complete. Based on testing, the solution using lxd is the easiest to use. The delay has been related to getting all the NVIDIA bits properly integrated so we can do CUDA/OpenCL and NVIDIA GPU acceleration seamlessly inside containers. I am also working on GPU-accelerated docker support but I think docker is a bit more of a pain to use than lxd.
  15. We are not doing rolling release for the following reasons: Too much time is spent on fixing various breakages coming in from Gentoo, which takes time away from other things... other things are more important such as new technology like fchroot and the upcoming containerization solution... If users are interested in certain packages being updated, I am encouraging them to submit a pull request and maintain these ebuilds themselves, so I am going to focus on helping YOU maintain ebuilds rather than have a few people (this has generally been Oleg) maintaining them for everyone. This model doesn't scale -- we all need to do a little bit rather than a few people doing a lot. See the YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmOY6p3c9hxv3vJMAF8vVw for tutorials Short-term, this means development slows down. But in reality, it will speed up development greatly. For those hanging out on IRC, you know that Oleg who has helped to maintain Funtoo for years has moved on to a new chapter in his life, so he is no longer active on Funtoo. But even though I am not slaving away over here, thanks to incoming pull requests Funtoo is continuing to move forward and be responsive to user needs. So think of it as a course correction as we become more agile and community-oriented, and be part of the solution. If you are reading this, it means you are part of the Funtoo community and just as able to contribute to Funtoo as anyone else (maybe with some tutorials/videos to help). When I work on technologies, I am trying more to work on key tools that help the community be more productive (like fchroot) rather than focusing on specific ebuilds, which I am leaving to the community to manage using pull requests. Best, Daniel
  16. There is some upgraded forums software available which I will upgrade to soon.
  17. Hey Everyone, I want to officially announce 'fchroot', Funtoo's new QEMU-based chroot tool which allows you to chroot into ARM stage3's and live systems using your 64-bit PC. It is pretty neat stuff. Check out this video for a demo: Enjoy ? -Daniel
  18. Hey Everyone, I've gone ahead and patched debian-sources-lts so that we have support for the latest Intel e1000e Ethernet chipsets. I ported an updated driver from 4.20/5.x into the new 4.9.144_p3-r1 ebuild. My Intel Core i7 8700-based system is now happily using its on-board Ethernet rather than needing a USB-based Ethernet dongle. Enjoy the kernel and also be sure to report any hardware compatibility issues that may be impacting you and preventing you from using debian-sources-lts to bugs.funtoo.org. I can always look into porting updated drivers to get this kernel working better for you. Best, Daniel
  19. Everyone, arm-32bit and arm-64bit builds of Funtoo Linux 1.3 are now available. Search for "arm" on this page using the search field right above the table to see them: https://www.funtoo.org/Subarches Enjoy. Also note that we could use some help with updating install docs for raspberry pis as well as odroid-xu4, which I hear now should run fine with our debian-sources-lts? If you look at our odroid-xu4 page here, you'll see that at the top we link to an install guide specific to this board. I'd like to have docs like this for all the raspis as well: https://www.funtoo.org/ODROID-XU4 Thanks, Daniel
  20. We finally have an answer to this question: official Funtoo AWS images: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07KT3VN7Q?qid=1548635103743&sr=0-1&ref_=srh_res_product_title
  21. If you look on the https://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Containers page it has info about public keys. No, you should NEVER send anyone your id_rsa (private) key -- it's called private for a reason ? It's like giving someone the key to your house or car. ? I am able to create new containers now.
  22. Hi All, I've created a new YouTube vlog entry for your enjoyment. This one is about the latest shocking news of being let go from a job. View it here -- I appreciate it if you help me get the word out about my channel, send me some upwardly-pointing thumbs and possibly even subscribe! ? Thanks! Best, Daniel
  23. My first guess would be slow video drivers. You need to be more specific though -- what part of the system is "slow"? Video? Disk? CPU? I know it may seem slow overall but you need to be specific if you want some assistance ?
  24. Yes, the more people who use our tools, find bugs, report bugs, report fixes -- the better they get ? Send me a private email at support@funtoo.org with the hostname you want -- something.host.funtoo.org -- along with a public ssh key for the root login, and I will get this set up in the next day or so.
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