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  1. I would probably need to play with it a bit to see, but make sure that *all* sandboxing is disabled. There is now a network-sandbox which could be causing the failures regarding network interface.
  2. @minou666 yes sometimes I miss Montreal -- it has a place in my heart. I do have some family there, but I am not very close to them. I grew up in Montreal in the 70's and early 80's as a kid and there was a lot more youthful energy in the city. Today it feels more 'dead' (maybe that is a bit too harsh) or quieter, or maybe a bit too refined. People have grown up. Youthful neighborhoods are filled with older people. Not as many young families. No 'electricity' or that feeling that you are part of a special thing at a special time in history. You feel that people are a bit more in the 9-5 g
  3. This may be due to some portage sandboxing not being disabled and not working in qemu. Can you paste your /etc/make.conf in the chroot?
  4. Also you seem to not understand that debian-sources-lts is 1) Funtoo's official kernel and 2) very up-to-date when it comes to security fixes. You are free to run your own kernel but the debian-sources-lts kernel you see is not "a very old debian kernel." Please read this: I truly do not understand why people do not grasp this. Do we not mention this in enough places? Maybe I need to add a paragraph about it in the Install Docs?
  5. Hey everyone, Funtoo Linux 1.4 maintenance release 3 has been available for a few days, and includes our official WebKit builds, updated security-patched kernels and GNOME 3.34.3 pre-built. Also of note: the addition of the new WebKit temporarily broke wayland builds. This is now resolved and GNOME now builds correctly with the wayland mix-in. Also, important: The #funtoo freenode channel will be shut down in around 24 hours, as I no longer use freenode so I can't continue to op the channel there. Please switch to our official chat on Discord and Telegram. Thanks! Telegram:
  6. Today I made a mistake and updated meta-repo using my older environment instead of the newer one I had set up recently. This resulted in some problems with meta-repo. I have fixed the problems but you may need to perform a few steps to 'fix' things if you did an ego sync today (Feb 6 2020) If you have synced today, you may need to rm -rf /var/git/meta-repo && ego sync as the branches got out of sync with their git history. You will know this because when you ego sync, it will tell you that 'history has diverged' (if you look at git output) and you'll see output from git like "plea
  7. @walterw the advantages of debian-sources-lts are numerous and I'll go into more detail below but the primary reason to use this kernel is that debian-sources-lts IS SUPPORTED, and gentoo-sources IS NOT so you should not really use it with Funtoo. I know lots of people just assume they can start using Funtoo just like they were using Gentoo, but I encourage you to use Funtoo as it is intended to be used, and that is with the debian-sources-lts kernel. The advantages of debian-sources-lts: It generally doesn't randomly break things due to API changes in the kernel, since it's a 'lo
  8. @dkg I agree it's confusing. I recommend a clean reinstall rather than an upgrade if at all possible. Gentoo doesn't handle upgrades well and thus Funtoo inherits these problems. I hope to address them in the future but the first step was to attempt to document the upgrade instructions.
  9. For now I have updated the install instructions so people know to run the chown command before ego sync. I will address this in future stages.
  10. This is a legitimate bug. To work around the issue, perform the following before performing an ego sync: # install -d /var/git -o 250 -g 250 Sync will then complete successfully.
  11. I can reproduce this issue so it looks like with an issue with the new stages or ego. I am investigating.
  12. From an install instructions perspective, they are correct. You should remove python-3.6 as Funtoo Linux 1.4 does not have python-3.6 and instead has python-3.7. So if you are upgrading your system to 1.4 and want your system to be set up that way, it is necessary to remove python-3.6.
  13. Some additional important info -- If you are a previous user of steam-nvidia-launcher (1.5) then you will likely need to manually wipe your existing Steam container as the steam-nvidia-launcher currently doesn't do this for you. What you do is do a "docker ps -a" and get the container ID of the container, then "docker rm" it. (the container should not be running) When you use steam-nvidia-launcher next, it will re-create the container, but "hook in" to your existing Steam settings and downloads in ~/SteamData in your home directory. You will now be running 1.6 of the container. Automatica
  14. @dkg I am assuming you are experiencing the bug under Funtoo since you are posting on the Funtoo forums. In that case, open the bug on the Funtoo bug tracker. You should not open bugs for issues you experience under Funtoo on the Gentoo bug tracker. So yes, if my assumptions are correct, then close the bug as invalid on the Gentoo bug tracker and open one on the Funtoo bug tracker. If you are experiencing the identical issue on a Gentoo box, then yes, you report the issue you are experiencing on Gentoo to the Gentoo bug tracker. But since you are posting here about a Funtoo issue, a
  15. @dkg you should really not file Funtoo bugs on the Gentoo bug tracker. It is an issue in Funtoo, not Gentoo. Please close the bug as invalid on Gentoo's bug tracker and file it on Funtoo's bug tracker.
  16. @kratsy-tony you can "steam-nvidia-launcher attach" to attach to a running container and edit /root/steam.sh. But I think I know why the container didn't update ... keep reading below. BTW, that's really cool that you were able to use the steam-nvidia-launcher under Optimus -- I hadn't tested that. The audio issue *should* be fixed with 1.6, but you *may* need to "blow away" your old container to fix the audio issue, now that I think about it. I don't think the launcher is checking to make sure the container is 1.6 so it's running your existing 1.5 container. Do a "docker ps -a", gra
  17. @dkg you may find that some of the 'left over' things depending on 3.6 are actually 'old'/deprecated and can be removed. For example, pycrypto is old, and should be deleted, and pycryptodome is now being used in its place.
  18. Debian-sources-lts-4.19.98_p1 is now unmasked in the tree with the latest security fixes for Intel. Also available is a new steam-nvidia-launcher 1.6 with fixed audio. The big news is that Funtoo is using a new approach with webkit-gtk. For those who don't know, or need a refresher, webkit-gtk is an ebuild that is part of GNOME. It provides Web browser (HTML rendering + javascript) functionality. In fact, webkit-gtk is just a snapshot of the sources of WebKit (https://webkit.org) which is the foundation of many modern Web browsers, and is actively developed primarily by Apple and other co
  19. This bug was reported to the bug tracker at https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6748 .
  20. Some more updates headed your way: nvidia-drivers-440.44 now available. Remember that you will also need to emerge nvidia-kernel-drivers for your kernel to make the kernel modules available. steam-nvidia-launcher is now at 1.5. Fixed are annoying gtk+ dialog messages when starting up the launcher, and also FL-6907 (thanks @nrc) the pulseaudio config hard-coded for UID 1000.
  21. Recent Funtoo News: GNOME 3.34.3 is now available in Funtoo (as part of gnome-kit 3.34-prime, the default kit) A Gentoo dev found that it is theoretically possible for arbitrary users on the system to locallly 'exploit' a package while it is being built. Portage-2.3.78-r1 addresses this by removing 'other' permissions from /var/tmp/portage. ego-2.8.0 is released with updated sync code.
  22. For the love of God, please don't post full build logs on the forums. You can upload them as attachments to the bug tracker.
  23. A full set of Funtoo Linux 1.4 maintenance release 2 stages has been uploaded to build.funtoo.org. These stages include: GNOME 3.34.2 Updates to debian-sources-lts (4.19.87_p1) Updated Linux firmware Updated firefox Various other fixes If you are already using 1.4, you can get all these updates via a regular ego sync and world update. But if you are planning to install 1.4 from scratch, these builds are up-to-date.
  24. As Funtoo Linux 1.4 continues to mature, it has become a much better long-term stable option than Funtoo Linux 1.3, so maintenance and updates for 1.3 will end on March 1, 2020, and users are encouraged to upgrade to 1.4 at this time, or before. In about a week, there will be a second maintenance release of Funtoo Linux 1.4, which will simply be rolled into the official 1.4 release, but will result in updated binary stage3s and GNOME stage3s. The updates will include bumping GNOME from 3.34.1 to 3.34.2 as well as upstream kernel updates with the latest security fixes, in particular ones f
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