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  1. @davidvs If there is a package in Gentoo that you want in Funtoo, you can open a bug for it explaining why you would like it and we can most likely add it. This is the easiest way rather than messing with getting it working yourself.
  2. I tried to make this clear in the announcement, but it is worth explaining in more detail -- Sabayon Linux and Funtoo Linux are going to remain distinct things. We will make the Funtoo tree work for Sabayon so we can all contribute to the same set of packages. There is no implied change to either Funtoo or Sabayon, besides Sabayon moving to use the Funtoo tree, by announcing this collaboration. Each project continues to make decisions for its own community with no obligation to switch to different technologies unless one project decides it wants to. Over time, we will be collabo
  3. The short answer is that Funtoo is going to remain independent of systemd upstream. I do believe that startup scripts and management of the system are part of what give a Linux distribution its personality. It is central to the experience. Sabayon needs systemd. It will be added to Funtoo's tree for Sabayon, but not enabled in Funtoo. That way, everyone is happy.
  4. The situation with the -bin packages can best be explained this way. For some browsers such as Chrome, we are getting security fixes from Google at the pace of at least once a week, sometimes more. Chrome is a big thing to compile over and over again. It is also some effort to keep the ebuild updated to deal with all upstream changes at this pace. So a big part of this is based on the many releases we are getting from upstream projects that have a huge amount of source code. For us, it is easy to auto-update these -bin packages using metatools (which happens automatically) than
  5. Hey everyone, I'm pleased to announce that Funtoo Linux and Sabayon (https://www.sabayon.org) are joining forces! Now to explain what this means and how it came about. Sabayon is one of the great Open Source projects and has an amazing reputation for delivering an easy-to-use Linux desktop that is built using Gentoo. For quite a while, Funtoo has been supporting the Sabayon effort because we believe in what they do. Over the past several months, in chatting with the Sabayon team, it became really clear that we had a shared vision for creating a friendly and innovative commu
  6. Funtoo Linux stages have been updated to contain the latest stuff in Funtoo: GNOME 3.36.2, latest Mesa/GL stack, support for Intel Iris graphics ("epro mix-in -gfxcard-intel +gfxcard-intel-iris; emerge -auDN @world for those who want to try), and many other updates. Download here: https://www.funtoo.org/Subarches Install docs here: https://www.funtoo.org/Install Enjoy!
  7. If this is still a current issue, it should be reported to the bug tracker, not the forums.
  8. Just going to follow up with some more info. First, thanks to pross for pointing out I had a typo in the 'epro' command above, now fixed! 🙂 The difference between Intel Iris and 'classic' Intel is that 'classic' Intel uses the xf86-video-intel driver (with ebuild of same name), which has classically been the way you get accelerated video with Intel Integrated graphics. The Iris graphics uses the more generic 'modesetting' driver (no special ebuild for this), and uses a gallium-based driver which is now a part of media-libs/mesa so xf86-video-intel is not used at all. During
  9. Hi All, core-gl-kit is now on 2.0-release by default. You will see updates to many packages. Now available are Intel Iris graphics, which is much faster and supported on modern Intel integrated graphics chipsets. To use Intel Iris, perform the following steps: # epro mix-ins -gfxcard-intel +gfxcard-intel-iris # emerge -auDN @world --jobs=3 If you want to continue with the classic drivers, or are not using Intel integrated graphics at all, you can just do the world update to get updates. Please report any issues you encounter to bugs.funtoo.org! There have been major
  10. Please report bugs as needed. Also, yes, currently xf86-video-intel will keep getting pulled in if you have the mix-in for it enabled. You can either disable this mix-in or emerge --exclude xf86-video-intel for now.
  11. Hi All, If you are interested in testing Intel Iris graphics (new accelerated graphics for newer Intel chipsets), here's how you do it: First, make sure your system is up-to-date and you have the latest available version of ego installed (2.8.1) Next, add the following to /etc/ego.conf: [kits] core-gl-kit = 2.0-release xorg-kit = skip This will result in our 2.0-release core-gl-kit being activated, which completely replaces xorg-kit, as all of xorg has been integrated into core-gl-kit 2.0-release. We do not have a mix-in yet for intel Iris graphics. For now, set the
  12. I've already found the issue and resolved it. 🙂 Fix should be in the tree on next regen, in about 25 minutes.
  13. Hi all, GNOME 3.36.2 has hit the tree, as well as an OpenSSL update and updates to Docker. To update, perform the following: # ego sync # emerge -auDN @world --jobs=3 # emerge @preserved-rebuild While GNOME is upgrading, apps may not launch. This is normal. After upgrading GNOME, a reboot is recommended to flush out all older GNOME processes and start up a GNOME 3.36.2 environment.
  14. This may be a bug -- can you report to bugs.funtoo.org? It probably doesn't affect users who already have an old GNOME installed but may affect new merges.
  15. @mrl5 sorry I missed this thread, but you should always report bugs to bugs.funtoo.org and we will take it upstream as needed.
  16. And just a note, there have been improvements to Funtoo's python eclasses which should have fixed a lot of bugs related to python3.7 compatibility missing from our ebuilds. This happened in the last week. Our snapshot of Gentoo was taken at a time when Gentoo was not really converted over to 3.7 yet, and this is reflected in the state of the ebuilds in the Funtoo tree. While we have made fixes here and there, the recent Funtoo enhancements I made to the eclasses basically fix this throughout the whole Funtoo tree and also make python ebuilds more maintainable and auto-gennable on Funtoo going
  17. I or someone else will be looking into this dnsmasq failure very soon. I know it merges fine with some combinations of USE vars at the moment since I use this ebuild often.
  18. If there is interest we can add this as a kit to Funtoo. The first step would be to have it working in an overlay and have people who will be testing it and maintaining it. I can easily convert a working overlay to be a kit in funtoo, @zogg @morphmex
  19. Everyone, New 1.4 Maintenance Release 4 stages have been built. These include GNOME 3.34.5 as well as updated Firefox and other packages. As we continue to expand the use of our autogen framework (metatools) , more and more desktop packages are staying up-to-date automatically. Enjoy the new builds -- they are now available for download via www.funtoo.org and our CDN77-powered CDN. Best, Daniel
  20. Hi All, To get ready for future improvements to Funtoo, I am adopting a multi-phased approach to 'fix Python'. First step is to address some issues that exist in the Gentoo python eclasses. I've updated these eclasses to be at least somewhat better than they are in Gentoo. These changes will be hitting the tree in an hour or so. For new ebuilds, you can now use the following rather than enumerating every single version of Python: PYTHON_COMPAT=( python3+ ) Because the minimum version of python3 we support is 3.7, this will ensure that the ebuild will be marked compatible with 3.7 a
  21. This is indicating some issues with OpenGL rendering which would prevent Steam from running. What kernel/nvidia drivers version are you using?
  22. There are troubleshooting steps here: https://www.funtoo.org/Steam#Container_Validation Try them, let us know your results.
  23. @cardinal that isn't really a fix for the issue, just a workaround. @kundor yes, this is a bug. A couple of weeks ago, our upstream vim had issues, so I forked vim and vim-core. But I did not grab gvim. It should be reported to bugs.funtoo.org and we'll get it fixed. Thanks 🙂
  24. Greetings during unusual times -- I wanted to let everyone know that the following ebuilds are currently being auto-updated using our new, amazing autogen framework. That means we will always have current versions: www-client/firefox-bin www-client/google-chrome www-client/google-chrome-beta www-client/google-chrome-unstable www-client/brave-bin app-admin/pass app-admin/passwordsafe net-misc/anydesk-bin mail-client/thunderbird-bin net-im/discord-bin net-im/zoom-bin net-im/slack-bin More are on the way! For tho
  25. @john123 yes! This is a good idea. Please see if we have an issue open for it on the bug tracker and if not open one to track progress. Thank you.
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