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  1. :) You're welcome. I am going to continue working on our documentation to help train new developers.
  2. Hi Everyone, As I hope you've probably noticed, I've put a herculean amount of effort into Funtoo Linux over the past couple of months. I' have: Rebuilding our infrastructure from scratch, on new equipment re-launched Funtoo Hosting launched new forums, wrote Funtoo's own LDAP server for authentication upgraded our wiki launched our new ebuild pages Started massively cleaning up our online documentation Fixed GNOME building Launched the kernel-seeds.org wiki Went on a massive bug fixing rampage. And Oleg has also been busy, fixing things when needed (which is often) and migrating Funtoo to eudev. The project is going in a really good direction, and we are now ready to accelerate development and keep moving forward, close more bugs and make Funtoo more and more robust. We need to grow the team and have more people helping out on the wiki, helping maintain ebuilds, and helping with various other things. To learn how you can help, see: http://www.funtoo.org/How_to_Dev#How_to_Develop_--_The_Quick_Summary That page explains how to get more involved. We're at the point where we're going to be more reliant on your involvement as we grow... our team needs to get a bit bigger yet. See how you can get involved and we will talk to you soon :)
  3. All, There is now a great page that will give you an introduction of how to help us add great documentation to the wiki. See here: http://www.funtoo.org/Help:Funtoo_Editing_Guidelines -- also known as "How to 'Wiki'" - linked in the main nav column on the left. Regards, Daniel
  4. www.funtoo.org has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.23.1, and now also sports a new 'winter mint' (or 'riddler') theme for you enjoyment. :) -Daniel
  5. Hi all, I am testing out SSL on bugs.funtoo.org -- You'll find that bugs.funtoo.org is now SSL-enabled :) Let me know how it works for you. -Daniel
  6. I'm liking our new placeholder green logo with the white question mark :)
  7. Everyone, I rebooted the funtoo infrastructure today for an important security update. All services are now back online. Best Regards, Daniel
  8. eudev and sys-fs/udev can't really be installed alongside each other. We are moving to eudev, so that is the one you should use. This issue may be related to the recent eudev transition, or new X stuff in our tree, or some combination.
  9. The one change I made to java during the massive collection of updates was to mask virtual/jvm and virtual/jdk less than 1.7.
  10. We have cleaned up udev from newer stages, so it won't be in the world file anymore.
  11. USB mouse needs to be plugged in when your machine is booting? Sounds like USB hotplugging is not working properly... Have you upgraded to eudev?
  12. Everyone, There have been some major changes to the Portage tree. I spent nearly all weekend and more hacking away to adjust to the various multilib changes in upstream Gentoo, as well as getting GNOME 3.6 to function again. MANY issues related to this were fixed, but you will also likely experience a few quirks due to all the changes. For anything that is unpleasant or sub-optimal, please report a bug at http://bugs.funtoo.org. Thanks for using Funtoo! :) -Daniel
  13. Everyone, I've updated the New Install documentation's section on installing a new kernel. This new section now has a short introduction to Portage, package sets, and shows you how to put your kernel in a "kernel" package set so it can be updated independently from the rest of the system: http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Installation#Configuring_and_installing_the_Linux_kernel It's designed to help anyone going through a Funtoo Linux install who might be completely new to Funtoo and Gentoo Linux. Regards, Daniel
  14. I added this FAQ entry to the Funtoo Linux FAQ: [http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_FAQ#Why_use_a_Source-Based_Linux_Distribution_like_Funtoo_Linux.3F] Using a source-based Linux distribution like Funtoo Linux could be likened to driving an exotic sports car. It's an experience that is appreciated by professionals and technology enthusiasts because it simply offers a more direct, engaging experience with the underlying technology. You can push the technology further. You have more control. It is more satisfying. If you aren't looking for something "special", there are a number of binary-only Linux distributions to choose from. They will get you from point A to point B. You won't have as much fun or be as connected to what's going on, but maybe that's not what you're looking for. But if you do appreciate a deeper connection to technology, and pushing technology to its limits, Funtoo Linux may be a life-changing experience for you.
  15. Glad you like the changes. I encourage everyone to adopt a favorite ebuild and create a new package page for the ebuild, with some nice starter documentation for people wanting to use it.
  16. I moved this thread to News and Announcements and deleted Oleg's announcement thread because it gives a better understanding of the issue.
  17. The tree *was* broken. I have added many ebuild updates to address this. What is happening is that Gentoo is updating some ebuilds to be able to build 32-bit binaries on 64-bit systems in order to get rid of the emul-linux-x86 packages. This is resulting in lots of ebuilds in Gentoo depending on these new USE variables. The ebuilds in Funtoo need to be updated to provide 32-bit builds and thus these USE variables. This is impacting a lot of "core" ebuilds, which of course are the ones that we tend to have forked in Funtoo. Jean-Francis is going to be testing my updates, and we should be pretty much on top of this issue from now on. However, as Gentoo transitions away from emul-linux-86, it is possible that you may see very similar build failures (missing abi_x86_32 USE flags in ebuilds) -- just report them on bugs.funtoo.org and we will get them fixed as soon as possible.
  18. On the Java front, I recommend using a Oracle JVM or JDK.
  19. I just completed a marathon session of wiki updates, which included: Updating our incredibly outdated FAQ.... http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_FAQ Updating our Funtoo Profiles page: http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_1.0_Profile And then updating our main wiki page to try to do a better job for people -- linking to the Funtoo Linux Vision, as well as FAQ, and go into detail in the Distinctives section, so people know how Funtoo differs from other Linux distributions in general as well as Gentoo specifically. Overall, I think the main page is shaping up... the goal is to get people up-to-speed quickly and over to useful information on other pages.
  20. Yes, I agree, this would be helpful. The forums theme has links on the left-hand side, and I need to figure out how to customize them. For the bug tracker, I don't know where I would insert these.
  21. Metro is the best tool out there to build Gentoo/Funtoo stages, but it's also in need of a rewrite. I've been wanting to get to it for a while, keep getting distracted...
  22. For now, contact me privately and I can reset your password. -Daniel
  23. There were some errors with MediaWiki's permissions configuration and people weren't able to log in. This is now fixed.
  24. Yep, hitting this collision here for metro builds. There are also other metro changes that need to be made -- metro currently puts sys-fs/udev in the world set.
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