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  1. Everyone, There is an effort under way in Gentoo-land to add the ability for lots of ebuilds to optionally compile as 32-bit ebuilds on 64-bit systems (via an eclass,) so that they can be used to fulfill dependencies for 32-bit binary apps that you may be using, like Skype. It looks like the goal of this is to replace emul-linux-x86* ebuilds which package binary 32-bit libraries for this purpose, and is thus notably un-gentoo-like. I'm wondering how many people out there take advantage of multilib at all. I know I use multilib for Skype, but that's it. You can tell if an ebuild uses the 32-bit dependencies if it depends (actually, RDEPENDS) on anything starting with emul-linux-x86. You can grep /var/db/pkg and see if you have anything. It's (as far as I know) pretty much only needed for pre-built binary apps that run in 32-bit mode on 64-bit systems. When I first created Gentoo 64-bit, I intentionally avoided supporting multilib (32-bit runtime) support, and wanted to try to do all of this in a chroot, to keep ebuilds simple. Well, the devs at Gentoo went ahead and added it anyway, and it has been a big mess. I am also wondering how many people have played around with running 32-bit apps in a 32-bit chroot. I am wondering if I could get Skype working this way. It would take up more disk space but would be a cleaner approach. -Daniel
  2. Oleg, I think I am going to need to create a script to track these multilib changes. They appear to be an effort to get rid of the 32-bit "emul" packages in Gentoo. I am not certain yet as to whether this is the right approach. It certainly makes the ebuilds a mess.
  3. That tells me that the ebuild may need to re-do hotplugging of devices after upgrade.
  4. Hi All, I've updated our auth database so that all usernames for existing accounts are now lowercase. So please log in with a lowercase username. I will be working on case-insensitive logins but this may not yet be working. This applies to: forums, bugs, wiki. -Daniel
  5. I updated a home server over here, and there were no troubles, but I have yet to update a desktop. I have seen a report on bugs.funtoo.org of someone losing their mouse and keyboard after this update. Was this working for you on a desktop?
  6. I appreciate this suggestion. It is something I've thought of too. I think it would require a very detailed plan of action and set of deliverables. Right now, this isn't a great time to do that. But after I get some other things done, who knows, maybe it should be considered seriously.
  7. If you have the ebuilds in an overlay, and you are maintaining them, the best way to integrate them into Funtoo is for us to add them to our automatic merge scripts. This will ensure that that latest versions of your ebuilds are included in the Portage tree. You just continue to commit to your overlay as normal, and they get merged into Funtoo. I'd recommed that approach. Do your ebuilds replace ones already in Gentoo/Funtoo with better versions, or are they not in Gentoo/Funtoo? -Daniel
  8. All, I've updated the wiki page "Windows 7 Virtualization with KVM" with information on how to set up SPICE. SPICE works a lot like VNC -- it allows the virtual machine to run on a remote machine. You can also use it locally. One of the coolest features of SPICE is that it allows easy copy and pasting between Funtoo and Windows 7. View the wiki page here: http://www.funtoo.org/Windows_7_Virtualization_with_KVM Enjoy! -Daniel
  9. Yep, periodically, systemd dependencies may sneak in from Gentoo. All systemd dependencies are considered bugs in Funtoo Linux. If a bug doesn't exist already, open a bug on bugs.funtoo.org and we'll fix it as soon as we can.
  10. Hi everyone, Some people are trying to set up iptables firewalls in their containers, and they are unexpectedly locking themselves out of their containers. The reason why this is happening is because stateful connection tracking is disabled by default in OpenVZ inside a container, and I need to manually enable it. So rules that track the state of connection (NEW, ESTABLISHED, RELATED), will not work, and then typically you will lose ssh access to your container. The solution (for now) is to contact me directly and have me enable stateful connection tracking if you plan to deploy a firewall, so that these rules will work for you. -Daniel
  11. This should now be fixed. It was due to one of the configuration settings for the forum being wrong, as you might guess. I also moved this thread to Funtoo Sites, which is a better place for it.
  12. I may have permissions configured incorrectly. Let me look into this. I am an administrator, so I may not be able to "see" all permissions issues (since I have full privileges)
  13. We are planning to stick with OpenRC and gcc.
  14. The new forums do have blogging capabilities that I plan to take advantage of. Users can create their own blogs, and we can also have official Funtoo blogs. I plan to leverage the forums more for announcements than we have in the past. So the forums are probably where you're going to be hooking into an RSS/Atom feed for Funtoo :)
  15. Did you install Chromium as described here, with chrome-binary-plugins: Funtoo Linux Web Browsers: Chromium ?
  16. If anyone signed up early on and wants their username to be displayed instead of their full name, let me know and I'll fix it for you.
  17. What sites? What happens when it doesn't work?
  18. Okay, I think I have fixed this for new forums accounts, but existing accounts will need to be manually tweaked by an administrator.
  19. I'm tweaking the LDAP config -- try logging out and logging back in...
  20. drobbins


    You're welcome, I think the new infrastructure will be a huge benefit to our community :)
  21. To create an account, visit: http://auth.funtoo.org:9093/new ...and register. The Funtoo sites use a new unified authentication system. Your account will log you in to the forums, bug tracker and wiki. For more information, see the wiki and specifically the Funtoo Authentication FAQ. Regards, Daniel
  22. Here are some cool forums tricks... Did you know you can change the background image? Click the paintbrush in the upper right. Have you played around with your profile? Uploaded a header image for your profile? Customized your avatar? (It will default to gravatar.) -Daniel
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