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  1. Yes, we don't support it officially so it's assumed that you know what you're doing -- which is a good assumption if you are compiling your own kernel. We don't support it just because it uses up a lot of my/our time to troubleshoot peoples' failed kernel configs, so we give you one that works by default, and if you deviate from there, that's on you. That also means that if you have a weird bug we may ask you to switch back to debian-sources to see if it still occurs -- it gives us all a common baseline.
  2. Hi All, I mentioned earlier that GNOME has been fixed. Well, I lied. My initial attempt at a fix -- in 3.60.0-r1 -- removed setting of enhanced capabilities on /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon in pkg_postinst() which in theory should have fixed the issue -- however I just discovered that this was redundant, and caps were also getting set by make install! So if you emerged regularly, the file caps (which caused the problem with the new glib) were still being set. However, the most recent update -- gnome-keyring-3.36.0-r2 -- which is now live -- should fix everything and allow things like google-chrome to not be confused when they can't find gnome-keyring on dbus. Please update your systems and reboot to resolve any google chrome issues, and issues with other apps hanging or throwing a fit when trying to connect to gnome-keyring.
  3. Hey all, As part of getting Funtoo updated for next-release, I updated some packages which caused some temporary disruption for desktop users. The culprit was the update to glib-2.70.0. This update, we found, required several packages, particularly those related to session management, like gnome-session, cinnamon-session, etc. to be rebuilt. Rev bumps were added for all necessary packages that needed rebuilding. If you find a package that needs a rebuild that didn't get automatically rebuilt -- PLEASE -- for the love of God -- open a bug! ? If that wasn't enough, there was ALSO another problem. Basically, glib-2.70.0 has a bunch of 'hardening' functionality (this was actually added in 2.67.2 but we were on an earlier version up until recently). This hardening prevented gnome-keyring-daemon from connecting to dbus. Which in turn prevented anything from connecting to gnome-keyring. So things like google-chrome would hang when they tried to connect to gnome-keyring, since they never got a response. I have added a new gnome-keyring package that works around this issue by removing 'caps' from the gnome-keyring-daemon binary. gnome-keyring 3.60.0-r1 should now happily connect to dbus and this issue should be resolved. As of right now -- after a world update on your system -- your desktop environment should be happy! If this is not the case and you have to rebuild something or you find some component not working. Please -- open a bug! We want to know about any issues you are encountering and a 100% reliable desktop is super-important for our users. Best, Daniel
  4. Hi All -- MATE is now building fine under next-release. We also identified an issue where the recent update to glib-2.70.0 was causing segfaults in cinnamon-session, mate-session-manager, cinnamon-screensaver, mate-screensaver. Changes have been added to the 1.4 and next trees to force rebuilds which should resolve the issues. If you are still having issues with MATE or Cinnamon session management segfaulting after the glib update, please open an issue on bugs.funtoo.org with more information about what is happening and include info from dmesg. Qt 5.15.2 has also received updates to build under gcc-11 as well as some cleanups. These fixes have hit 1.4-release as well as next. This should allow KDE testing to begin for next-release.
  5. I've just finished tweaking GNOME so that it will build in next-release with gcc-11 under Funtoo. If for some reason you encounter an issue, file a bug. Enjoy ?
  6. I would ask that you open bugs for any missing packages that were in nokit but are now missing in next-release. We are trying to get rid of nokit and move anything we want to maintain to the other kits. This is part of our "beard trimming" initiative.
  7. As per the title, all our stages have been updated for all subarches, with dates 2021-09-19 through 2021-09-20. Enjoy. Download them here: https://www.funtoo.org/Subarches
  8. Please note that there were a few issues with the initial PR (some missing files and stale Manifests.) I just completed doing a CI run to identify and fix all these issues so everything should to be ready to merge now.
  9. @zoggalso, I should say that I do appreciate you connecting and communicating your thoughts. For someone who is not as involved, perception is the reality. So I will look at what I can do to improve this, and welcome your involvement as well to try to address these things. For roadmap, a lot of this has come down to LACK OF TRUST. On freenode, I had people actually doing 'silent forks' of Funtoo and ripping off my ideas. I have had people who I have told about future plans start to try to do them -- but leave me out! So many people are trying to 'make a splash' in software, and are not necessarily ethical about how they do it. So I am bitter about this. I am bitter because I actually LIKE to share my future ideas, but I have been REPEATEDLY BURNED by doing this. So now I am cautious. A lot of this relates to why we left freenode even before it self-imploded. There was too much 'sniping' of ideas and 'fake friends' who were just trying to get some ideas that they lacked themselves. But without any collaborative spirit. And even some outright nastiness. I got sick of it. I decided we'll move to discord, and have more of an independent space. And it will piss off some people -- but fortunately some of the people I pissed off (not all for sure) were those I wanted to get away from! So yes, there is a lot of bitterness about this. And then being asked to share more -- you can imagine how this triggers a lot of unpleasant feelings. Damned if I do, damned, if I don't. You probably had no idea you were touching such a nerve when you made your original post. So much to unpack here. This will at least be an interesting thread for people to read.
  10. @zogg do not take my rantings personally... it is not a response to you.... more like some sadness regarding open source in 2021 and some unpleasant attitudes, which you have stumbled into by accident, and these attitudes tend to 'trigger' me due to chronic irritation regarding some of these issues you have touched on. I do think of course your opinions are valid, if maybe not accurate, but as an 'outsider' I will factor them into account and see what we can do to communicate better. In the mean time, I encourage you to get involved and try to submit a PR for something you care about, and see how it goes... then you will be on the 'inside' making Funtoo better and I assure you it's better on the inside. Take the red pill ? ?
  11. Also, frankly, I think that distros are now treated as commodities where somehow it is expected that we are supposed to 'prove to users' that they should use us instead of some other distro. Really, this is the attitude these days. And I don't really like this attitude. Asking for a roadmap is a perfect example of this attitude -- it asks very much of Funtoo, while offering very little -- nothing, really -- of personal opinion of what the individual is actually wanting. Like we should just wave our hands and promise random impressive things because we are trying to win your loyalty. If you look at our bug tracker, and our wiki, you will understand that this distro is run by users. We don't have a formal development team. Issues are opened by users. Any feature can be asked for, as long as justification is provided which can even be as minimal as that you are personally interested in this feature. (and this is explained on our bug tracker if you go to open a bug) So I have worked hard to create a model that empowers users -- but also gives users responsibility -- to move improvements forward by getting involved. I feel like expecting a roadmap is the inverse. It implies a model of development that is the opposite of this. We are not here to serve you, but to create a fun, collaborative environment that you can participate in, if you choose. Having a roadmap means you are not involved, and you are just being served. And this is a model for pure commercial software where you are paying money to have something delivered to you. That is not what we are doing here. It is a total shift in thinking -- from a "what can you do for me mentality" to a "you are part of a dynamic community" mindset. There is a lot to unpack here, even beyond this specific annoyance, regarding how Open Source works in 2021 as compared to a decade or even 20 years ago. A lot of open source is happening under a corporate umbrella. Pure community projects simply have a smaller pool of true volunteer contributors. This isn't an issue with Funtoo but an issue with how for-profit startups and tech companies are pulling talent into their web of for-profit activities. Some of these companies have questionable value to society, even though they are making money. But if you ask the typical person, they are busy. Too busy. And we can unpack this more and look at how in the US and other countries, we have less leisure time and it is more expensive to provide for a family. Which means we are driven to work more, not less. It's all a recipe to steal personal time that used to be used for contributing to your favorite community project in your spare time. And I think that's sad. So I actually have strong opinions on these things that align with @zogg in many ways, but these problems are bigger than Funtoo. Funtoo is doing quite well considering. I am very focused on these modern challenges, but they are non-trivial to solve. But we are making good progress. And this goes back to my point about prioritizing working on solutions to the bigger problems.
  12. @zoggI think you are not looking in the right places to see the activity. The obvious place to look is code.funtoo.org and the bug tracker, not forums. The forums are not a 'central' part of the work. This is why, I think, your comments were taken as trolling. Instead of drawing conclusions that maybe Funtoo is dead (which no project wants to hear) and that we should provide a way to migrate to Gentoo (which is somewhat offensive to many), maybe it would have been better to ask "am I looking in the right places". Requesting a roadmap is maybe a lazy person's way -- putting the burden on us -- to show you where we are going -- where if you were looking in the right places you would already have much more knowledge. So I think a lot of the trolling response is also due to how you asked, and tried to draw conclusions before being sure you were looking in the correct places. So there is some contribution to this by your conversational style. All that being said, I am very glad to hear you are not trolling and are wanting Funtoo to succeed. Me too ?
  13. Just a note that KDE Plasma has been updated to 5.22 thanks to a PR from @r0b. Thanks, @r0b!
  14. I try to do a little every day. For example, the new 'next' release, which has been in planning for over a year, is now live and ready for contributions... This will be of interest to @zogg and others who want to be part of updating Funtoo without breaking stuff for 1.4-release users. See:
  15. Oops, I forgot to tell you how to set up next-release. You have two options. One is to use the stage3 to install a new next system. The other option is to convert an existing system to next-release. To convert a system to next-release: Do a world update on your system and specifically ensure you have the latest portage and ego installed. Add "release = next" to the "[global]" section of /etc/ego.conf Run "ego sync" Then run "epro build next". Now you are ready to do another world update to get gcc, binutils and other updates. PLEASE NOTE: When you do this, unless you have a very very minimal system, I can almost guarantee that doing an emptytree rebuild WILL result in some packages not building. So be prepared for this and don't do this on production systems of course! Feel free to open bugs for any build failures, particularly for any DE or server packages that need gcc10 fixes. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to break or make disruptive changes in next-release AT ANY TIME! While I am going to try to do things as cleanly as possible, and ensure that the stage3 continues to build, you should be prepared for potential dep issues and other problems that may be annoying to deal with. This is part of the whole process of updating Funtoo that you are embarking upon!
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