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    Note to all -- this kernel has been unmasked and is ready for general use.
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    Information to possibly help others

    Fresh install of Funtoo I began getting Fetch Failed, 502 Bad Gateway and 404 Not Found errors emerging tcp-wrappers the first in the series of actually emerging KDE. After a fair amount of frustration \ research, I emerged mirrorselect and then ran mirrorselect -i -c usa Now everything is emerging with no errors. i hope this helps others. Enjoy, Scott A. Guthrie drazahoib
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    Funtoo release model

    @lazlo.vii You know, it will be much better if you at least try to be polite, right? @drobbins Back to the topic - if you want to get more and more involved into funtoo dev - isnt it better to have current/dev branch? If you want devs, isnt it a must to have at least dev branch,where they can work with ?! I mean, some of the major distros release based models have that : - Debian has unstable/sid -> testing ... -> stable release major/minor releases - FreeBSD has current -> release -> .. stable I still don't get it with removing current branch. Do releases, implement whatever process you think its best for you. But keep the current. Or, explain how it can be done.
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    Funtoo release model

    About doing smth, well, some do, me included. Small, but here and there. The question is more about the direction things are going. We all know release model is much easier than rolling distro. One of the reasons I jumped on Gentoo/long time ago/ then on Funtoo is the rolling model. Some of the others are that its source based, slots, alot of customisation/flags ... etc. My point is - today you decide to switch from rolling to release, eg no current, just freezed releases. Tomorrow nothing stops you from source based to package/bin oriented ? Maybe Debian clone /one of dozens/ ? Dont get me wrong. I use funtoo not geeky weekends, where I can spend whole day install/reinstall/fiddle with this or that. My workstation is build on Funtoo. My work depends on Funtoo. If some1 decides to flip a coin and make a decision, when I am not sure about the general direction ... I can install a Debian/Manjaro in minutes, but I dont want to. I want Funtoo as it was for years - just to have current.
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    All, @bcowan has made our day better with a new debian-sources-4.9.161_p1 ebuild which is available for testing, but currently package-masked so it doesn't install by default. To get emerge to see it, add the following to /etc/portage/package.keywords: =sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.9.161_p1 ** Then do: # emerge debian-sources-lts # ego boot update # reboot Please report any bugs or issues to https://bugs.funtoo.org. Thanks 🙂
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    Hey Everyone, I want to officially announce 'fchroot', Funtoo's new QEMU-based chroot tool which allows you to chroot into ARM stage3's and live systems using your 64-bit PC. It is pretty neat stuff. Check out this video for a demo: Enjoy 🙂 -Daniel
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    Funtoo release model

    We are not doing rolling release for the following reasons: Too much time is spent on fixing various breakages coming in from Gentoo, which takes time away from other things... other things are more important such as new technology like fchroot and the upcoming containerization solution... If users are interested in certain packages being updated, I am encouraging them to submit a pull request and maintain these ebuilds themselves, so I am going to focus on helping YOU maintain ebuilds rather than have a few people (this has generally been Oleg) maintaining them for everyone. This model doesn't scale -- we all need to do a little bit rather than a few people doing a lot. See the YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmOY6p3c9hxv3vJMAF8vVw for tutorials Short-term, this means development slows down. But in reality, it will speed up development greatly. For those hanging out on IRC, you know that Oleg who has helped to maintain Funtoo for years has moved on to a new chapter in his life, so he is no longer active on Funtoo. But even though I am not slaving away over here, thanks to incoming pull requests Funtoo is continuing to move forward and be responsive to user needs. So think of it as a course correction as we become more agile and community-oriented, and be part of the solution. If you are reading this, it means you are part of the Funtoo community and just as able to contribute to Funtoo as anyone else (maybe with some tutorials/videos to help). When I work on technologies, I am trying more to work on key tools that help the community be more productive (like fchroot) rather than focusing on specific ebuilds, which I am leaving to the community to manage using pull requests. Best, Daniel