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  1. Chris Kurlinski

    My day Job

    Not sure how many people out there are like me, but here is a project I just about to complete for a client. I'm not in the IT industry, I'm in construction, a master plumber by trade, but do a lot of building management system integrations, and a lot of really specialty projects, like custom fire pits with iPad controls, high end pools ( we're talking 100K gal completely automated, heat pump / solar water heater for potable water, large solar systems ( looking forward to trying out the Tesla Power Wall ). Generally, anything that requires a computer interface, I'll do. Basic anything is b
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  2. OK, you've got your SSL certificate and you have tengine or nginx setup, but you need it secure. After all, you've heard of all the recent DH attacks, BEAST, CRIME, FREAK, Heartbleed and others, right? Is your system already secure? Test it! Check out The SSL Labs Test Site. I'm getting an A+ rating! The following assumes tengine, but nginx is exactly the same, just s/tengine/nginx/g; Need a certificate? OK - I highly recommend StartSSL. It's FREE! These guys will step you through the process by following the instructions on their site. If you have problems, the tech support via email is
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  3. daixtr

    First day

    Gentoo was my first linux try that made sense. The source code is there, the compiler is there. And everything makes sense. There are difficulties along the way, but because the system made sense, it is always a worthwhile goal to overcome these difficulties. Maybe, Gentoo is a more coherent system. And now, that Funtoo is here, i will definitely give it a try.
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  4. If you use a content management system for your site, it probably already deals with mobile systems. But, what if you have parts of your site that aren't in a CMS, or you do your site by hand? Well, it would be nice to either redirect from www.example.com to m.example.com, or (my preference), to redirect to a subdirectory. I like the subdirectory approach because I can easily share content with the main site via symlinks (such as the content management system). Normally, this isn't a nice thing to do to your caches since any caches along the way won't know that the symlinked files aren't t
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  5. I'm a big fan of trying anything new, but the cardinal rule for me is this: Don't mess with the data. If you don't what to lose those irreplaceable pics of grandma, keep it on a separate drive. This is my mantra. I love playing with my system, updating, tweaking, and exploring. But this can be dangerous to your data. This is also the reason why I chosen to use zfs as my storage for all my data. I can get to it from just anywhere. If it's unix(-like), I can download the kernel modules and access it. I feel like zfs is the becoming the unix(-like) version of fat32. Let me explain
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  6. 666threesixes666

    forums faq

    drobbins demands faqs so yer gonna get em... embedding images results in thumbnails, they're forever hosted at funtoo untill drobbins decided to nuke the website. to make large image postings, navigate to the tools above the post entry form and to the left of <> is an image to feed external (or internal) urls to. in the "my media" button you can attach garbage to posts, such as your blog entries or images you've posted.... like my "punch babies" or "dead larry" above is a quote box to the right of <> to get past the quote box, press enter a few times.
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  7. sorry drobbins, winters coming, and this -23 Celsius shit drives me crazy, i have alot of time to think about things. my quest is to wake from recurring dreams, to the collective recurring dream people call reality. ok personal philosophy... im a pantheist, meaning i see nature as god, and science as the quest to know god. i am a very small part of nature therefore i am small part of god. my parents are my creator, and they are of nature. im observing what's right in front of me..... personal meaning of life.... the meaning of life to me is to create a better world than i was
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  8. Andrew Hobden

    First Toast!

    Look mom, it works!
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