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    gvfs won't compile

    My guess would be that this package is the culprit. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you get that /usr/include/util.h out of the way, if the emerge of gvfs will complete successfully then. Besides it seems that there have been quite some updates to libqmartixclient including the removal of QPointer from util.h. Could you try that out in some way? Renaming /usr/include/util.h or moving it away temporarily should be enough for that.
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    Have you tried to run, after ebuild file has been changed? ebuild <file>.ebuild digest
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    1.3 Maintenance Release 1 Now Live

    Folks, The Funtoo Linux 1.3 Maintenance Release 1 is now live, and contains the following updates in order to modernize the distro as well as to allow for a smoother transition to 1.4-release, currently in development: OpenSSL updated to 1.1.1b Ruby stack updated to current 2.6.3 release and moved to independently-maintained status rather than auto-generated. node.js updated to 12.3.0. webkit-gtk updated to 2.24.2. wpa_supplicant update to 2.8 to resolve some connectivity issues. updates to dev-libs/icu, libuv, http-parser, nghttp2, genkernel, eudev System updates should be pretty pain-free with no conflicts or other issues. To upgrade, simply ego sync and then emerge -auDN @world. For security reasons, all packages that use openssl will be automatically rebuilt by emerge. If you encounter complications, a bug report to bugs.funtoo.org would be appreciated. Upgrading from openssl 1.0 to 1.1.1 did require several packages to be updated and there could be a few that were missed and still need patches. Enjoy! -Daniel
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    1.3 Maintenance Release 1 Now Live

    I am seeing only one issue with libevent not rebuilding correctly against the new openssl. I'll be pushing a fix for this shortly... workaround for now is to manually merge or unmask 2.1.8 of libevent and merge. This builds fine against openssl-1.1.1 -- it just happens to have an old mask entry preventing emerge from seeing it.
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