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    feedback (for devs)

    So I had to update my desktop system from version 1.2 to 1.3 and I've chosen to do the fresh install from the stage3 (stage3-core2_64-1.3-release-std-2019-02-05). But.. During the process I've noticed some (at least for me) ugly things that I would like to inform developers about: TL;DR: metalog is NOT added to any runlevel by default. I think it should be added to default/boot runlevel by default sshd IS added to the default runlevel by default. I think it's bad - this should be disabled by default ... if you want to read further please be advised that I'll be grumpy from now on: I've noticed that version 1.3 is out because there were no updates for a while yep it was announced but I'm not checking neither funtoo.org nor forums.funtoo.org on a regular basis - what happened with good old eselect news? I can not find any information when the support for 1.2 version ends - LTS schedule could help with planning the upgrade ... (please consider sth like this: https://nodejs.org/en/about/releases/ ) and yeah performing a fresh install is time consuming, at least for a desktop machine - so it would be cool to be aware early that end of support for 1.2 is coming and that it's recommended to do a fresh install I think that funtoo.org web page should be rearranged. Here is what I mean: there are a lot of useful articles there but often they are hidden and I can find them only via google there should be a section where you can see all of the articles examples: https://www.funtoo.org/Security https://www.funtoo.org/Installing_a_Logger forums.funtoo.org I was not able to write this post using vanilla firefox-bin-65.0 (w/o any addons) I had to do it by using google-chrome ... wow you've came that far now I'll be sentimental: Gentoo was my first distro back in early 2000s When Daniel started Funtoo, for me it was something cool, something fresh I have a feeling that now the Funtoo Project is going in some weird direction (from end user perspective) that is different to what I was used to back in the days. People on the #funtoo IRC channel used to be more responsive I wrote this post in a good faith. I like funtoo but I'm close to the point where I will switch to other distro ... TBH it strongly depends how long and how smooth will be the process of building rest of desktop environment. Ofc everyone has his own point of view but I really wanted to give you some feedback. If I somehow missed something and somebody disagrees - I look forward to know your point of view.
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