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  3. i dont get notifications for posting issues, but i do get the responses and mentions.
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  5. emerge --info Read the output to verify python3_6 is not included in the USE flag variables PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET or PYTHON_TARGETS This is what I have on my system with no python3_6 installed. PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET="python3_7" PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_7 python2_7" If you see python3_6 then you have set an override for it in /etc/portage/repos.conf or some other location that needs to be removed. After you remove without rebooting ego sync followed by emerge -avuDN @world will trigger a rebuild of any modules that were built against python3_6 to be rebuilt against python3_7 if it's supported. If you have modules only supported by python3_6 you will either remove the modules and python3_6 or leave both installed.
  6. I have this again. eselect python set python3.7 eselect python cleanup eselect python list [1] python3.7 [2] python3.6 [3] python2.7 (fallback) emerge -C =dev-lang/python-3.6* * This action can remove important packages! In order to be safer, use * `emerge -pv --depclean <atom>` to check for reverse dependencies before * removing packages. * Not unmerging package dev-lang/python-3.6.8 since there is no valid reason * for Portage to unmerge currently used Python interpreter. I believe I am following the instructions...
  7. Bug Report: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-7460 This is assigned to a contributor to be fixed, but it hasn't been updated for 10 days. Click the bug report link, login to bugs.funtoo.org, upper right under People click Vote for this issue and Start watching this issue.
  8. libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0 seems to unpack to a faulty directory: /var/tmp/portage/net-libs/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0/work/arvidn-libtorrent-0f0afec preventing the system to upgrade the library: * ERROR: net-libs/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0::net-kit failed (prepare phase): * The source directory '/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0/work/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0' doesn't exist
  9. drobbins removed rust-kit but didn't move all the packages it contained to lang-kit. I created a bug report referencing this forum thread: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-7479
  10. Actually, rust-kit does not exist on my system at all. There is no such folder in /var/git/meta-repo/kits. Once again, it is fresh install from latest stage3.
  11. Not a bug, portage on my system can see /var/git/meta-repo/kits/rust-kit/virtual/cargo rj@funtoo ~ $ ego query v virtual/cargo virtual/cargo| slot| repo --------------+-----+-------------------- * 1.37.0| 0| rust-kit/1.37-prime rj@funtoo ~ $ ego query v librsvg gnome-base/librsvg| slot| repo -------------------+-----+--------------------- * 2.46.4-r1| 2| gnome-kit/3.36-prime 2.48.4| | gnome-kit/3.36-prime rj@funtoo ~ $ equery g librsvg-2.46.4-r1 | grep cargo [ 1] virtual/cargo-1.37.0 rj@funtoo ~ $ equery g librsvg-2.48.4 | grep cargo [ 1] virtual/cargo-1.37.0
  12. Hi guys. It is new install with latest 1.4 stage3. I am performing chroot install on my home partition from running Linux system, later when I get everything ready, I plan to reparition my drive, copy Funtoo and install GRUB at the end. Anyway, at the very beginning, I am stuck after setting Funtoo profile and mix-ins: # emerge -avuDN @world These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... done! emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "virtual/cargo". (dependency required by "gnome-base/librsvg-2.48.4::gnome-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "x11-themes/adwaita-icon-theme-3.36.1::gnome-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "x11-libs/gtk+-2.24.32-r2::gnome-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "app-crypt/pinentry-1.1.0-r3::core-kit[gtk]" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "gnome-base/gnome-keyring-3.36.0::gnome-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "app-crypt/libsecret-0.20.3::gnome-kit[freedesktop-secret-service]" [ebuild]) # epro show === Enabled Profiles: === arch: x86-64bit build: current subarch: amd64-zen flavor: workstation mix-ins: gfxcard-amdgpu mix-ins: xfce mix-ins: no-emul-linux-x86 mix-ins: wayland === Python kit: === branch: 3.7-release === All inherited flavor from workstation flavor: === core (from workstation flavor) minimal (from core flavor) === All inherited mix-ins from workstation flavor: === X (from workstation flavor) audio (from workstation flavor) dvd (from workstation flavor) media (from workstation flavor) mediadevice-audio-consumer (from media mix-in) mediadevice-base (from mediadevice-audio-consumer mix-in) mediadevice-video-consumer (from media mix-in) mediadevice-base (from mediadevice-video-consumer mix-in) mediaformat-audio-common (from media mix-in) mediaformat-gfx-common (from media mix-in) mediaformat-video-common (from media mix-in) console-extras (from workstation flavor) === All inherited mix-ins from gfxcard-amdgpu mix-ins: === core-gl-kit:gfxcard-amdgpu (from gfxcard-amdgpu mix-in) virtual/cargo is not found with in Portage. I tried "one-shoting" rust-bin and eselect-rust, but it had no any effect. The same thing happens when the package is not unmasked (so 2.46.4 instead of 2.48.4). Thanks you for your help. Update: I manually edited ebuild and removed dependency on virtual/cargo, so now there are no issues. I assume I should report the bug?
  13. There are at least three possible reasons xauth can't create ~/.Xauthority and xorg-server can't create /tmp/.X0-lock 1. The partition{s} containing /tmp and /home are mounted read-only. 2. The partition{s} containing /tmp and /home have no free space. 3. The permissions are wrong and too restrictive for /tmp and ~/ Footnote: ~/ is an abbreviation for /home/<your regular users name here> you are currently logged into.
  14. I watched youtube tutorials, I had the same problem. This is solution that I found env -i HOME=/root TERM=$TERM chroot . bash -l Works every time.
  15. Thank you. This is my fstab. #<fs> <mountpoint> <type> <opts> <dump/pass> LABEL=root / ext4 noatime 0 1 No changes, same message, /dev/sda9
  16. Search /var/log/messages and /var/log/sddm.log for error messages related to your problem. Reference: https://bugs.gentoo.org/728550 - sys-libs/pam-1.4.0-r1 breaks kde-plasma/kwallet-pam-5.19.1 auto unlock of wallet during login problem starts with the newer version of pam that is not in funtoo's portage yet.
  17. The partition{s} for the root filesystem / and /home must be mounted read/write, yours appear to be mounted read only. Check /etc/fstab and remove a ro option if it exists. The /etc/fstab for mounting the partition for / on my funtoo install: UUID=8c41a40b-5166-4c6c-9819-0713ffca423d / ext4 noatime 0 1 Funtoo is installed on my system on one partition /dev/sda9 and it is rw rj@funtoo ~ $ mount /dev/sda9 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime)
  18. Hello, and thank you for this excellent forum. After fresh install of Funtoo + xfce, I have this problem.
  19. The problem your having is not a bug but an issue with your install. I am attaching my build log in case it may provide a clue to the origin of the problem on your system. sys-kernel:debian-sources-lts-4.19.132_p1:20200916-235334.log.xz
  20. Thanks for your reply. I have tried installing debian-sources with "-binary" USE and installing with genkernel, and it has worked so far. Thanks for your suggestion, in case of "disaster" I'll do that. I'm new to Funtoo and I'm still figuring out the directories, etc. of the kernel and such, as I'm not used to having this degree of low-level control. In case debian-sources isn't still able to install the kernel, should I report it as a bug, or is it most likely an error on my side?
  21. There is no bug report about the failure to mv/rename all the files in /boot by appending their existing names with -debian-sources or -debian-sources-lts You could either go to the root of the file system and extract the ./boot directory which contains the kernel,initramfs,and SystemMap files from the stage3 tarball or copy them from /var/tmp/portage/sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.132_p1/image.
  22. Hello, I accidentally deleted my kernels and now I find I'm currently unable to install any (I have tried both debian-sources and debian-sources-lts). I'm still using debian-sources because my computer is still on. The problem seems to be during the installation, but I don't really understand what's going on. Here are the info and logs: # emerge --info '=sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.132_p1::core-kit' # emerge -pqv '=sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.132_p1::core-kit' [ebuild N ] sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.132_p1 USE="binary custom-cflags luks lvm -btrfs -ec2 -sign-modules -zfs" # less /var/tmp/portage/sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.19.132_p1/temp/build.log Any idea of what's going on? :(
  23. Hi, suddenly kwallet stopped unlocking automatically while logging into KDE plasma through SDDM. I'm trying to debug but don't know what's going on. The following is my PAM config, does anyone knows what could i be missing or what has changed? Thanks in advanced. [I] kde-frameworks/kwallet [1] Available versions: (5) 5.57.0(5/5.57) (~)5.59.0(5/5.59) {debug doc gpg +man test} Installed versions: 5.59.0(5/5.59)(02:38:01 PM 10/02/2019)(man -debug -doc -gpg -test) Homepage: https://kde.org/ Description: Framework providing desktop-wide storage for passwords [I] kde-plasma/kwallet-pam [1] Available versions: (5) 5.15.5 (~)5.16.1 {debug} Installed versions: 5.16.1(5)(10:29:25 AM 09/13/2020)(-debug) Homepage: https://kde.org/ Description: KWallet PAM module to not enter password again egrep -Ri kwall /etc/pam.d/ /etc/pam.d/login:-session optional pam_kwallet5.so auto_start /etc/pam.d/sddm-autologin:-auth optional pam_kwallet5.so /etc/pam.d/sddm-autologin:-session optional pam_kwallet5.so auto_start /etc/pam.d/sddm:-auth optional pam_kwallet5.so /etc/pam.d/sddm:-session optional pam_kwallet5.so auto_start /etc/pam.d/passwd:-auth optional pam_kwallet5.so /etc/pam.d/login auth include system-local-login account include system-local-login password include system-local-login session optional pam_lastlog.so session include system-local-login -session optional pam_kwallet5.so auto_start /etc/pam.d/sddm-autologin #%PAM-1.0 auth required pam_env.so auth required pam_tally.so file=/var/log/faillog onerr=succeed auth required pam_shells.so auth required pam_nologin.so auth required pam_permit.so #-auth optional pam_gnome_keyring.so -auth optional pam_kwallet5.so account include system-local-login password include system-local-login session include system-local-login #-session optional pam_gnome_keyring.so auto_start -session optional pam_kwallet5.so auto_start /etc/pam.d/sddm #%PAM-1.0 auth include system-login #-auth optional pam_gnome_keyring.so # the hyphens are valid PAM syntax to reduce log entries if these PAM modules should not exist -auth optional pam_kwallet5.so account include system-login password include system-login #-password optional pam_gnome_keyring.so use_authtok session optional pam_keyinit.so force revoke session include system-login #-session optional pam_gnome_keyring.so auto_start # the hyphens are valid PAM syntax to reduce log entries if these PAM modules should not exist -session optional pam_kwallet5.so auto_start /etc/pam.d/passwd auth sufficient pam_rootok.so auth include system-auth -auth optional pam_kwallet5.so account include system-auth password include system-auth #-password optional pam_gnome_keyring.so use_authtok
  24. So, I'm looking at experimenting with some of the unofficial overlays from Layman, but it looks like many (if not all) have moved to Gentoo's categories utilizing acct-group and acct-user. Is this something we're going to see reflected in Funtoo or is there some workaround available? I'd rather not have to rewrite the ebuilds manually.
  25. Ah, many thanks again. I'll retrace my steps and see if I can get a working system this time 🙂 (crosses fingers!)
  26. drobbins announced End Of Life on March 1, 2020 for 1.3-release. drobbins removed the libvpx mask from funtoo-cautionary. Now that media-kit/1.4-release/media-libs/libvpx-1.9.0 is unmasked you should be able to install mate after you remove/revert any configurations you made that may cause a block or conflict and set the mate mix-ins. These outputs are from my system: emerge -pv mate emerge --info epro list ego kit
  27. Anyone knows how to install anobx without switching to systemd? Any other option available to run android apps on linux? Thank you in advance
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