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Questions 1) lilo? 2) Slightly complex network setup

I'm currently a Gentoo user, and it looks like they soon won't support a separate /usr without initramfs. I'll be installing Funtoo on a notebook soon, and then hopefully migrating my home desktops after that. A couple of questions before I start the install...

1) Is lilo supported? I don't see any install instructions, like with grub and syslinux. It's just that I'm comfortable with lilo, and I don't want another learning curve on top the switch to Funtoo.

2) I have 1 NIC, with a slightly complex config, and I see that Funtoo does things somewhat differently. My Gentoo /etc/conf.d/net is...

config_eth0=" broadcast mtu 1454 broadcast"
default via metric 20 via metric 0 via metric 0"

I need to know the equivalant config in Funtoo. Let me explain

My "home LAN" is
reserved network address open open open open open 4-port ADSL router/modem broadcast address

The "open" addresses are for my
* desktop machine
* "hot backup" machine
* my laptop
* HTPC feeding my TV set

In addition, I have an HD Homerun TV tuner picking up OTA TV signals, and feeding them to my desktop PC. It comes on some random address in the block. With 4 ports for 5 devices, I occasionally have to run around and swap connectors in/out. The reason for the weird routes is to allow me to use my emergency backup dialup service, without having to tear down eth0. This allows me to do things like watch TV programs via the HD Homerun network tuner, and/or ssh fom my main machine into my backup or laptop... ***WHILE USING DIALUP FOR EMERGENCY ACCESS TO THE WEB***. ADSL outages are rare, but it's nice to have.The order of priority for routing is...

1) local lan and
2) dialup to the web... if dialup is active
3) ADSL router/modem to the web

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Re: Questions 1) lilo? 2) Slightly complex network setup

lilo should work just fine, there is no lilo wiki, because default bootloader is grub2. There is extlinux wiki, though
Funtoo offers completely different network setup.


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