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#1 2013-07-16 21:28:05

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Downgrade kernel source tree, how?

I want to fix a bug in a driver (loadable module), compiling it on my Funtoo machine.
Upgrading the target machine's kernel is not an option.
Both machines are x86-32.

The target machine:

# uname -r

My Funtoo machine:

# uname -r

I read that it is generally easiest if you are actually running
the target kernel when you build your modules.

How do I downgrade my Funtoo machine so the kernel source tree is
(Preferably without deleting the current kernel in the Funtoo system,
although I could live with keeping this machine for just this purpose)

Thanks in advance


#2 2013-07-17 07:12:52

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Re: Downgrade kernel source tree, how?

Hi Lennart,

your kernel looks quite old. Oldest version I can find in current tree is 3.0.82 for sys-kernel/gentoo-sources and 3.0.84 for sys-kernel/vanilla-sources .
But happily, Funtoo don't use any special techniques for building a kernel out of the box. Download your desired sources from Github and compile it a usual. You find hints for doing this in the plain Funtoo installation guide.


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