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zfs + ssd questions

Hi, i plan to install funtoo with zfs on my main desktop pc but i have a couple of questions:

1) Are there any other optimizations for zfs on ssd apart from ashift=12?
2) Which governor is better for zfs on ssd - BFQ or NOOP?
3) I have 16 gigs of ram, so i plan to use tmpfs for /var/tmp/portage/. Will that be enough for a system without a swap partition. Also i heard that having swap of any size does increase perfomance, is that true?
4) What's the best benchmark to test zfs perfomance?
5) Should i turn zfs compression on for a desktop?

I'd be glad to recieve any answers here, not many people seem to be using zfs for their desktops. smile


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Re: zfs + ssd questions

1. I don't know
2. Try to change the I/O scheduler and see what seems the more responsive to you with various applications, honnestly you should not see any major performance issues
3. Depends on what you do with your machine, for basic desktop usage it be enough
4. Daily usage
5. Try to enable it and see if you have latencies, with a fast processor again you should not see any major impacts.


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