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#1 2013-01-18 23:06:41

Funtoo Goth Dev
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whenjobs hitting funtoo

Mae govannen mellon,

by today we have a working and improved whenjobs version in funtoo.

Improvements are

* executing whenjobs daemon whenjobsd without having to have /usr/sbin in $PATH
* simple user management via /etc/whenjobs.users.conf

I would like to ask all funtoo users who like to test it, to do so, and report about it at subtask of FL-316 smile

For clearing: the syntax of /etc/whenjobs.users.conf is just a comma separated list of users like


as default we added root to that group what was before a blocking as root wasn't able to execute whenjobs at all...


Martin 'golodhrim' Scholz
(Funtoo Core Community Manager)


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