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#1 2013-01-03 18:41:54

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WPA_Supplicant hangs..

Basically it will connect and assosiate with my SSID and Password and will say connected(or ctrl_connected) sorry at work don't remember the actual name but the cursor will basically blink and nothing happens.
I guess I'm used to the old Gentoo way of setting up my wifi/ethernet networks.

Does funtoo have it's own way, do I even need wpa_suipplicant?...

Also I get when I try to do ifconfig wlan0 up
SIOSCSFLAGS: Device or No Directory found (again at work so it may not be the actual wording) I'm guessing that the RT3572 isn't loading but I can see wlan0 whenever I plugin my ae1000 but I can also see ra0 when I plugin my ae3000 it's led does blink so I know I got it to work I also installed the rt3573sta manually just in case.

Would love to actually get on with installing a desktop, getting wine up and going and getting Photoshop up (CS6 worked in ubuntu last time I check, used ubuntu as I didn't want to go through a funtoo install just to see if it worked or not, I also know CS5 is now GOLD in the winehq.)



#2 2013-01-03 19:15:32

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Re: WPA_Supplicant hangs..

This may not be helpful if you want to use Funtoo's internal networking features, but if you're using NetworkManager for wireless, you should NOT have wpa_supplicant or dhcpcd daemonized as this will interfere with NetworkManager. NetworkManager calls these programs on an as-needed basis. Having avahi daemonized seems to be okay, though.


#3 2013-01-04 02:46:17

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Re: WPA_Supplicant hangs..

Try to specify the Driver option to wpa_suipplicant, man wpa_suipplicant for the driver name list and google it to see which one is fit for you.

Put the the -Dxxxx option in /etc/conf.d/wpa_suipplicant

My intel wireless chip just work in this way. You can have a try.


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