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winter is coming

Posted by 666threesixes666 , 25 September 2014 · 1199 views

sorry drobbins, winters coming, and this -23 Celsius shit drives me crazy, i have alot of time to think about things.

my quest is to wake from recurring dreams, to the collective recurring dream people call reality.

ok personal philosophy... im a pantheist, meaning i see nature as god, and science as the quest to know god. i am a very small part of nature therefore i am small part of god. my parents are my creator, and they are of nature. im observing what's right in front of me.....

personal meaning of life.... the meaning of life to me is to create a better world than i was given for my children, and their childrens children. my work ethic is next to insane. ill work to the bone for zero pay to these ends. im a how and why kind of person, "because" is not a sufficient answer. i do acknowledge i do not know everything, and sometimes i have to accept "i dont know how it works but it does" as an answer.

programmatic unbalanced equations with fractal recursion, of infinite loops, and applied mathematics.... just as a computer program can feed back in on its self and perpetually load my dreams consist of using applied mathematics to make this problem a real world problem. i want to harness the power of the infinite loop, that leads back to its starting point to give another power cycle.

how this works, the chain on the right side is longer, and heavier than on the left. the equation is unbalanced, and feeds back into its self. its a natural fractal.

this one is like swinging on a swing set, you pump, and relax at specific times... you accumulate more energy than you put into it. only a robot is doing the pumping...

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